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  1. biggnerd

    TKO v3

    Finally! The TKO I've been looking for. The released version is way too sweet for and overpowering. This version of TKO has a soft, herbal, floral lavender that cuddles with a soft sweetness. The marshmallow and vanilla are subdued and make the scent snuggly instead of "OMG I fell in the vanilla marshmallow vat at the chocolate factory!"
  2. biggnerd

    Pecan Pie Oud

    First, oud and I don't get along - it's usually either poopy or overly perfumey on me. Pecan Pie Oud is well-behaved oud. Initially I get a whole lot of nuttiness with a perfumey oud underneath. I get a little buttery pastry dough, then it settles into the sweet chess filling plus gentle, smooth oud.
  3. biggnerd

    Pumpkin Pie Musk

    This is sweetened nutmeg and cinnamon musk.
  4. biggnerd


    I have a fresh imp from the Lab that's been settling about a week. I've tried Tombstone before and it smelled like root beer. Usually my skin is going to take any vanilla and run with it, however, that didn't happen with Tombstone. The main note is the balsam, which, when untempered by other notes, is quite manky on me. It eventually settles down and a sweet cedar emerges, but never surpasses the balsam.
  5. biggnerd


    Really nice lily and rose soap
  6. biggnerd

    Erotic Images of Spring Evenings Bath Oil

    Mmmm, this is beautiful. At first it is a strong almond scent. It seamlessly morphs into a soft, powdery iris.
  7. biggnerd

    Falling Leaves Moon 2020

    This starts off as a strong dead leaves notes. I don't hate this scent, but it's not one that I particularly like. Eventually that scent fades into a very very soft ambergris with some other muffled scents. This phase is pretty, but too soft for me to get any good wear out of it.
  8. biggnerd


    This starts off with the bitter, earthy cacao, smoky bourbon vetiver, and tobacco. All the notes start to swirl and meld together. The main note is the tobacco, but it goes through many different permutations. It's sometimes a slightly floral tobacco (not flowery, just a little white tinge), sometimes it's chewy, sometimes it's smoky, sometimes it's a little green. In the background, the vetiver is sweet and a little smoky, the cacao is offetring some warm, velvety earthiness, and the benzoin adds a kiss of sweetness. They support the tobacco in all its moods. This is a comforting, cozy scent that lasts all day.
  9. biggnerd

    Faster Kittycat?

    I wanted to try this because cashmere amber and orris butter = yes please. Chypres usually work pretty well on me, but patch is hit or miss. This is one of the kinder patchoulis, not overly dirty or heavy. FC starts off with patchouli, but it quickly settles into a spicy, sweet, mossy amber with a little butteriness (and nuttiness? maybe that's woodiness?). It's a scent that's hard to describe but it makes me feel calm and in-charge at the same time. I'm thinking this is what a sexy autumnal druid smells like?
  10. biggnerd

    Rose Quartz Bedroom

    This one is hard for me to describe. The white musk amps more than the other notes, but it doesn't quite take over. There is a soft, sweet rose hanging out with it. At times the rose and white musk almost smell a little like cherry blossom to me. At times the rose steps back and an herbal lavender mixes with the white musk. This reminds me a lot of Right Atrium but with rose, or Pink Snowballs with white musk instead of snow. It's an airy, cool floral that doesn't go soapy or candy. I think this is what rose quartz would smell like.
  11. biggnerd

    Walking My Daughter to Class

    I never thought I'd find a scent where vanilla didn't amp on me, but I have. This is a very sharply citrus Dorian on me. The white tea and bergamot drown out everything else and I don't get much nuance. This is like Dorian following Kumiho to class.
  12. biggnerd

    Gen Z Feminist Cenobite

    Starts off as maraschino cherry - you know how they have that sharp tang to their sweetness? it's there. Then it softens and the chypre comes in making it a little herbally and less sharp. Eventually it turns into The Comforter bubble bar from Lush. It's an interesting fruit scent that isn't too sweet, but is nicely comforting and soft.
  13. biggnerd

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    Eusapia is a very pretty scent. On me it was mostly white musk and lilac, but I bet the beeswax comes out over time. I'm also interested in Endless Corridors but am waiting for reviews. I like vetiver and beeswax and for some reason am getting into smoky scents lately.
  14. biggnerd

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    V'al Hanissim from last year's Yules is really beautiful. It's a beeswax and amber scent. This scent created my love of beeswax and my perpetual hunt for more beeswax scents.
  15. biggnerd

    Cedarwood, Vanilla Absolute & Tolu Balsam

    This is my kind of scent - it is all sweet cedar. It's smooth, warm, and comforting. The tolu balsam is a light, greenish smell tethering the cedar and vanilla. It keeps it from going cloying or too pencil shavings. This is like a smooth, antique cedar chest, warm from the sun that held something sweet and maybe a couple of sprigs of evergreenery.
  16. biggnerd


    Starts off as a soothing woody lemongrass - not my normal scent but pleasant and relaxing. Unfortunately, the florals take over and go soapy. It dries down to a soapy sandalwood. This would make a great atmos.
  17. biggnerd

    What's the best coconut blend?

    LE: Depending on how your body handles the notes, Coconut, Smoked Vanilla, and Fig might work - I don't find the vanilla to be particularly smoky, but I amp sweetness. I also like Coconut and Cardamom, it's a little spicy and a lot of coconut. GC: Black Pearl is a nutty coconut for me. Goblin is a dirtier patchouli coconut.
  18. biggnerd


    This is beautiful, soft, sweet, slightly powdery rose. It's soft and silky like sniffing red rose petals. The leather is very subtle and is under the rose scent keeping it from going to sweet or floral. If I didn't know there was leather in this, I wouldn't list it as a scent. This is the perfect rose scent on me.
  19. biggnerd

    Lavender Wig Spray

    This smells like sugary lavender fruit loops to me.
  20. biggnerd

    Sweet, but not sugary?

    I find almond, fig, coconut, redwood, some dirt, some sandalwood, some mahogany, some florals like rose, iris, and freesia, rosewood, some grass, pink peppercorn, some lavender, some bergamot, melon, guava, strawberry, and rosewood to all be sweet without being sugary (though sometimes guava can be) or foodie.
  21. biggnerd

    Sleepytime BPAL

    I made an atmos out of White Sage SN that I would spray on everything before bed. It was heavenly. Now I'm using sage, bourbon vanilla, and sandalwood and it's just not the same.
  22. biggnerd

    Sleepytime BPAL

    It's been awhile since I tried either one. They're the same in that they're a sweet, milky smell, but different in that Dana O'Shee is a little sweeter and Halfling is a little nuttier. Halfling smelled like a bowl of oatmeal to me, while Dana O'Shee was more honeyed milk. Castitas is a creamy rice scent to me. @feyofthefellwood could probably talk about the difference between the two better. I haven't found repeats, but there are some scents that will smell similar - sometimes they'll have different notes but the same smell. Different skin chemistry amps different things so people might find that any scent with x note will always mainly smell like that note.
  23. biggnerd

    Sugar Plum Fairy v3

    Like opening a new package of fresh Bubble Yum. It dries down to a sweet, fruity bubblegum.
  24. biggnerd

    Sleepytime BPAL

    I like Werepuppy as a creamy sleep scent. It and Palo Santo and Sandalwood are my current sleep scents. I think Halfling, Dana O' Shee, and Castitas are in the same vein. What about Paladin or Lola Lee Loo? Fig usually smells powdery and sweet to me with an edge of something a little weird. Sometimes it's good weird and sometimes it's bad.
  25. biggnerd

    Hope and Fear Set Free

    This is a very comforting scent. The vanilla is very prominent on me (I tend to amp sweet scents). It's a pure, sweet boozy vanilla extract scent and I'm not. The frankincense is there underneath it adding a smooth, cozy, resinous, slightly spicy wood scent. This is eyes rolling back in the head good. It's a perfect fall/winter scent for snuggling up and getting warm. It's the type of thing that makes you want to be close to someone so they can enjoy how good you smell. This is like The Cat's sweeter, calico sister.