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  1. hellionetic

    scents for teen boy

    An RPG bundle sounds like a great idea, thank u to you guys who suggested it!! unfortunately no- our family tends to default to unscented products when we can, use plain unscented soap and my mom and I have made it very clear that axe isn't allowed within twenty feet of the household. I'm the only one who really goes out of their way to find scented things, and even then I like having the ability to control exactly how much I'm using and when. I will look into Dorian though! Ohhh you know what I actually have an imp of the antikythera mechanism on its way, maybe i'll try to get an opinion out of him when it arrives 👀
  2. hellionetic

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    ooh this seems interesting, let me give this a shot. I've been told I can come across as scary when someone doesn't know me well, and I'll be the first to admit that I can be strongly opinionated and don't suffer fools gladly, but a few conversations with me usually evaporates that scary image very quickly. I'm generally pretty personable and enjoy moderate social events, but I value time by myself just as much. A true leo at heart, I love deeply and easily, put great value on my close relationships, and while I am confident and proud in the effort I put into myself as a person and into my appearance I find great joy in encouraging the people around me to see the best in themselves and love shamelessly. I have been described as unflappable, reliable and honest. I frequently get compared to a big, black house cat. I love art and good food, poetry and wildlife, and would gladly spend all my free time resting languidly under a hot summer sun. Avid collector of bones, seeds, and various curiosities to put up on display. I am currently studying to become a therapist. physically, I'm very tall and a little soft. I tend to wear a lot of painted leather jackets and solid steel-toe combat boots, with any combination of ripped jeans, combat pants, mesh or printed shirts, and jewelry made of gold and silver and scavenged bones and junk. I have a few facial piercings and a number of small tattoos. My hair is currently a dark red overgrown mohawk, but give me some time to save up for a proper haircut and dye job and we'll see... any thoughts?
  3. hellionetic

    scents for teen boy

    poked around a bit but didn't see any relevant topic, so. Just let me know if there's somewhere better for this. My younger brother's birthday is coming up, and I thought I might get him a nice scent because... Well, look, he's a teen, they don't exactly smell the best in the world! I can't ask him what smells he likes without giving away my gambit but maybe some of you guys can help me come up with some potential options? He's a quiet, gentle giant of a boy, a skater, a snowboarder and plays guitar in his punk band. I'm thinking something masculine and kind of spicy without being overtly "manly" or adult, and I think he would best appreciate something that isn't too strong or sharp, but with enough lasting power to survive a show or a light skating session with his friends. Any ideas? I'm not even sure where to start!
  4. hellionetic

    Harvest Moon 2020

    I'm not sure I have the language or experience yet to catch every note, but lets try. fresh on my skin, I first smell the pumpkin and mulling spices very strongly. I do pick up a bit on the dry leaves and a nice, woody base. Actually, when i showed this to my mom we both agreed that it smells almost exactly like the Yankee Candle flagship store- specifically, the side of the building they dedicate to autumn scents, so hey, autumn accomplished! Dried down a little bit it simplifies and sweetens a touch and smells absolutely delicious. The leaves and wood take a bit of a back seat (though still present) and the smell reminds me very much of baked apples, with a subtle amount of red wine, just the way I like to eat them. I love this scent and I'm so glad I decided on it as my first purchase from BPAL!