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    Buying/collecting books and sometimes reading them. Playing silly RPGs on my computer. Spending money...lots of spending! :)
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  1. errosenzweig


    Wet: light melon, something buttery, a little floral Dry: like standing near a flower bed on a farm, the flowers are closer but in the background there is animals and dirt It has almost no throw, which is good because I'm not a big fan of farms.
  2. errosenzweig

    Gift Certificates?

    Gift certificates would make me REALLY happy, is there any chance it will happen...maybe before Christmas!
  3. errosenzweig

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    I just put on Sea of Glass and it smells like Archangel Winter on me. ETA: someone else already said this...sorry!
  4. errosenzweig

    Parlement of Foules

    This is totally strange but on me from a distance of greater than 8 or so inches Parlement of Foules smells almost exactly like Midwinter's Eve does. But up close it smells like a very resiny and incensey rose. This scent is also really sort lived on me, after about 40 minutes it's gone. I like the part that smells like Midwinter's Eve, but I'm afraid it's off to the swap bin for Parlement of Foules.
  5. errosenzweig

    lovin' the moss!

    The Passionate Shepherd To His Love is very mossy on me.
  6. errosenzweig

    The Passionate Shepherd To His Love

    On me this was a wonderful green mossy scent with just a bit of rose in the background. It is like being outside after it has stopped raining in the spring.
  7. errosenzweig

    Long Night Moon

    I got my bottle last night, opened it and smelled...soapy florals. I decided to try it today hoping that the soap smell would fade when it was dry. First 30 minutes was really soapy, every time I sniffed I though I was going to sneeze. After that the soap started to fade, and something else started to show up (I think it may have been the musk). Sadly after about an hour of this everything faded and now I can just smell a hint of the soap if I press my nose up against my skin. I'm going to try once more, since I was very sparing this time, but I'm afraid this one is going to be a swapper. I really wanted to love this scent.
  8. errosenzweig

    Midwinter's Eve

    For some reason I was expecting something sadder from the description (probably from the words melancholy and nostalgia) so I was really surprised when I opened the bottle and was so sweet. Smells on me exactly like it does in the bottle, amazing sugared plums with the hint of florals in the background. Now I can't wait for the Nutcracker because I'm wearing this scent to it! I may need another bottle!
  9. errosenzweig

    I want a BPAL that smells like Bath & Body Works...

    My favorite BBW scent is brown sugar & fig, are there any BPAL scents that smell like this one?
  10. errosenzweig

    Black Moon

    I LOVE this scent. To me it smells like really soft florals and makes me feel like being snuggled up in a warm blanket on a cold day. It also seems to stay around for a long time on me, which is good since it's hard to find other people to give me more.
  11. errosenzweig

    Scent for Halloween?

    I'm dressed up as Delirium from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series and I'm wearing Cheshire Cat because I though it sounded like something she would wear. I was going to combine Alice and the Cheshire Cat, but I chickened out.
  12. errosenzweig

    Looking for something to complement London

    Thanks so much for the replies, I think that my mom would really like Maiden and The Lion,
  13. I'm looking for a scent that would go well with London. My mom has a lotion that she loves that smells just like London and I want to get her a perfume that would go well with it. I'm going to get her London also, but I also want something she could wear when she wants more than just roses. Thanks!