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  1. any_old_actress

    The Illustrated Woman

    In the bottle: Wet pine needles & dirt. First application: Wet pine The dry down: Resins, sweet musk, creamy honey/vanilla and a dab of patchouli. This scent dries down so lovely I can't believe it. It's a sweet, clean and creamy scent. I love it!
  2. any_old_actress


    First Sniff: Woah, this stuff is potent at first sniff. Apples and honey. Wearing It: Apples still, but the caramel starts to kick in making it sweet and candy-like. The apple remains really prominent, but it mellows slightly to a creamy, honey apple scent. This will be really nice in the fall Final Verdict: I like it!
  3. any_old_actress


    First Sniff: Wood & figs Wearing It: Figs, musk and herbal notes. The fig really stands out on me at first and make the scent fresh, clean and sharp before it starts blending in with the amber. Unfortunately, it fades really fast! Final Verdict: Pretty, but doesn't last on me!
  4. any_old_actress


    First Sniff: Wet cedar Wearing It: Dust, chocolate, cedar and amber. I find this similar to Velvet with a more woodsy undertone. Final Verdict: I totally love it and will be buying many more bottles of this!!
  5. any_old_actress


    FIRST SNIFF: Maple and cake WEARING IT: The fig leaf, beeswax and amber really come out immediately on my skin, but there is still the overall scent of cake lingering. VERDICT: I love this scent, I'll be wearing it a lot!
  6. any_old_actress


    First Sniff: Cinnamon and wood.... Wearing it: Cinnamon still, with black tea and wood and cloves. After a couple of hours this scent really mellows and is just beautiful. I really love Bengal and I find this scent is its much calmer, woodier cousin.
  7. any_old_actress

    Vampire Tears

    hmm...interesting. i don't get a whole lot of grapefruit personally, it's more sweet like red licorice with a hint of dusty floral, a drop of sadness and a splattering of the colour yellow.
  8. any_old_actress


    This is the daughter of Snake Oil and Velvet! It has a soft, cocoa deliciousness that I can't get enough of!
  9. any_old_actress


    FIRST SNIFF: clean laundry, vanilla, a hint of coconut. WEARING IT: this is SO lovely. it's similar to black pearl, but not as intense and WAY better in my opinion. it's smooth and milky, still smells faintly of clean laundry and lasts a really long time on me. definitely a keeper. VERDICT: i'm so getting a big bottle!!!
  10. any_old_actress

    Suggestions for scents based on the 4 elements

    i think kumiho for air....that is such an airy scent to me, i need to order more, i miss it!
  11. any_old_actress

    Cinnamon girl...

    i would most definitely give chimera a try, i love it and i find it really gives that candy-cinnamon smell you're looking for. at least it does on me anyway!!!
  12. any_old_actress


    FIRST SNIFF: really sweet floral WEARING IT: wow, did that change fast! as soon as it hit my wrist it changed into a sharp, green floral. very sharp, almost like dill. as it warms i'm still smelling dill but with a white, sweeter floral in the background. if this scent had a colour it would be white & green. VERDICT: if it smelled more like the initial sniff i may have liked it a little more. my nose can't get over the dill-like smell though.
  13. any_old_actress

    Juke Joint

    FIRST SNIFF: minty! WEARING IT: fresh and clean. the mint is what really stands out in this scent. in the background i faintly smell the bourbon. as it dries, the two seem to twist together and make a really interesting scent. VERDICT: i think i may like this on my boyfriend more so than on me. the mint is really nice though.
  14. any_old_actress


    FIRST SNIFF: wet & fruity WEARING IT: the lab's description of this is dead on. this is a very lush, wet and humid scent. i find it sweet and delicious, i'd like to drink it almost. i can't quite pinpoint one note but they all work together so well. manila is a tropical punch with ripened bananas thrown in the mix. VERDICT: really great, fun scent. nice for summer.
  15. any_old_actress


    FIRST SNIFF: spice & amber WEARING IT: the musk comes out more now, it is a dark scent but not in an overbearing way. it's actually quite smoky and light on me. at first i didn't think it was something i was going to like, but it's growing on me. VERDICT: the more it dried, the more i liked it. very nice!