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  1. depending on skin chemistry, I'd try "I married a vampire from planet x" it was a less dark, touch sweeter fetish got on me. I actually like it more
  2. fireweaver

    Scent for Halloween?

    think I'm going to do 1st of three spirits for today. Tomorrow, possibly Mother Ginger or Gingerbread poppet.
  3. fireweaver

    Scent for Halloween?

    going with this year's Pumpkin V.
  4. fireweaver

    Scent for Halloween?

    Infernal Lover for me today!
  5. fireweaver

    Using BPAL to negate the smell of death?

    Delousing powder had almost no throw on me, so ymmv Do you have haunted? That has a nice bit of throw, the black musk on me goes kind of lemony so, cleaner plus throw equals less dead smell?
  6. fireweaver

    Pumpkin V

    Fresh out of the mailbox-SPICY pumpkin with vanilla in the background. Eventually the vanilla moved up a bit and the spices toned down. Smelled a lot like pumpkin latte w/out the coffee note at that point Next day- the spices calmed down and mixed nicely in with the pumpkin, and the vanilla was much more evident (made it a creamy pumpkin with spiced smell). Decent throw, I applied to my neck and wrists and my mother detected pumpkin from about 2.5 feet away. That's better then most perfumes on me
  7. fireweaver

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    When the Ecstacy of St. Theresa's frankinsense calms down, it'll be a lot more lovely. There's a 10 min. period where that note just shouts instead of joining in the chorus of beautiful scent Schlafende Baigneuse- pretty, but I don't know if it's causing me to sneeze or if it's the weather. Going to wait til I know I'm not sickly and then try it again. I liked the scent that I could smell for a few minutes!
  8. fireweaver

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    Ok, speak to me of Schlafende Baigneuse. How rose like is this rose? I can't do rose for the most part. (it either smells HORRIBLE or I just don't like it on me). But most of the other notes are holy crap, amazeballs. help?
  9. fireweaver

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    I tried a decant of the ecstacy of St. Theresa due to the name and liked it. Soft and pretty. a bit floral and a nice frankinsense scent to it tro add a bit of bite/spice. I'm contemplating a bottle of it. I also got frimped the arrival at the sabbath and homage to the devil and was surprised at how much I *didn't* hate it. Caramel usually is horrible on me, sandalwood can be too dry, patchouli is hit or miss, and my nose doesn't really pick up bourbon vanilla. I was expecting to hate it, but it wasn't bad on me at all!
  10. fireweaver


    This starts out like a fantastic creamsicle that's not quite orange, but, very citrus-y. The cream starts to come out more, but there's a slightly soap-y scent mixing with it for about 45 min. then it goes back to cream with a slight citrus tang to it. I don't mind the soap, but I hope it ages out as the wet and last drydown are so amazing!
  11. what would a good innocent sexy scent be?
  12. fireweaver

    Liadain and Curithir

    This is really gorgeous. It smells like Spring. Flowers, a bit of fresh air, grass/green and it just sings. It also is amazing as a room scent. I had a spill and it landed on my hoodie, and that hoodie has made whatever room it's been in gorgeous!
  13. fireweaver

    Springtime scents

    pele! 'tis gorgeous in the spring! also l&c from the bards is very spring in a bottle to me
  14. fireweaver

    Luxuria Bath Oil

    Using this as a moisturizer,it started off strong on the patchouli, with the red musk a close second then following up with the orange. I didn't get much nutmeg or vanilla at first, but then dried down to the dry down of madame moriarty, which is heaven on earth and a mix of red musk, fruit and vanilla.
  15. There was an announcement made by wickedgoddess. There was a component issue, and they should be starting to ship soonish (think it said end of Feb. but I could be wrong). I thought about that one too. It sounds nice. I was able to add it to my shopping cart, but didn't buy it. Where did you see that it was discontinued?