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    tattoos, music - (older reggae/rocksteady/ska, punk rock, rockabilly, psychobilly, old goth, oldies)... natural magic, hoodoo, sewing, embroidery, art, witchcraft, goddesses, mythology, books, blythe dolls, photography
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    fire pig, pink moon 2007, nocturne, eternal, muse, antique lace, havisham, purple phoenix, midnight on the midway, shadow witch orchard, all souls, punkie night, dia de los muertos favorite notes: tuberose, gardenia, violet, white flowers, incense, carnation, coconut, tea, sweetgrass, ocean


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  1. erishkigal


    this is THE stuff. for reals! on me this is really really light - its slightly warm and incensey... but still light and not overpowering at all. i have to put my wrist to my nose to smell it.. and the most i get is sandalwood and honey.. its really nice!! i think this would be a really fun one to layer things with!!!
  2. erishkigal


    this is really tropical fruity on me with some light tropical flowers in the background all laying on a bunch of skin musk.. now musk is pretty heavy on me but this is not bad.. its a creamy, light sort of musk.. quite perfume like and pretty. all the elements blend together really well.
  3. erishkigal


    i agree with Tart.. its like alice.. but it's alice's older sister... 16 year old sister i'd guess... very innocent but bursting with life... very pretty on.. i got a hint of alice with some beautiful floral and spice.. i'm definetly buying a big bottle of this!!!
  4. erishkigal

    The Unicorn

    holy crap i LOVE the unicorn!!!!! it wasn't on my wish list - i don't know why!!! but i'm glad i decided to try it! its very light and a slight sweetness to it.. it smells wonderful!!! it smells like summertime and rolling around in the grass with some fruit trees nearby. i love it !
  5. erishkigal


    i LOVE alice!!!!!!!! it smells incredibly like burt's bees "milk and honey" body lotion.. yum yum yum.. very innocent and sweet...milk and honey with a touch of carnation and floral spice. its lovely and very light. i tried it at black broom one day and its all i could think about in the weeks since... now i have an imp of my very own to tide me over till i get my big bottle
  6. erishkigal

    Centzon Totochtin

    this one is like dia de los muertos' chocoholic lil sister. it reminds me a lot of dia, without the floral notes. its a very robust chocolate scent mixed with something sinister almost... very deep scent. i love it!!!!
  7. erishkigal


    i have been anticipating this scent for a long long time! i was a bit afraid of the oil being a very HEAVY wood scent.. but its NOT!!! its a light lovely scent. the thing that comes to mind for me is a ghostly forest.. its so nice and the blend just feels magical. i'm buying a huge ol bottle of this!!!
  8. you must try nephilim!!!!!!!!! it was my first big bottle and i LOVE it... great incensey blend!!!!! i also must reccomend ALL SAINTS if you can find it! i was lucky enough to get a bottle. if you want i can decant an imp for you...
  9. erishkigal


    this one smells like a strawberry shortcake doll without the fakeness to it.. its sweet and fruity. it reminds me of being young and playing with strawberry shortcake dolls in the summer sun. its very light and pleasing.. i love this one a lot!!! i'm definetly buying a big ol bottle of this!
  10. erishkigal


    i agree, madrid smells a bit like children's cough syrup in the vial... it stayed that way for the first few minutes of wearing it... then it mellows down to a spicy warm almost cherry scent... but not the heavy cherry scent.. a warm robust spicy cherry...... i'm going to buy a bottle for sure.
  11. erishkigal


    ahhhh vinland!!! my current favorite. this one smells like berries to me.. but a fresh berry scent.. it smells like nothing i've ever smelled before... but a definite berry hint. it smells very airy and wild... a light berry wilderness scent... no heaviness at all like you would think with the description of 'berry' i love slathering this one on.. yum yum yum
  12. erishkigal


    ok this is my first review.... *clears throat* london smells like a perfect tea rose. light and airy. smells exactly like a 'tea rose' perfume i had as a youngin. very classy and feminine. its got a light almost sweet rose scent... and i love roses so i love this!!!! if you like roses you'll love this too.. its rose but different...
  13. erishkigal

    Why do scents turn to baby powder on me?!

    le serpent qui danse turned ALL baby powder on me.. just like that old 'babysoft' perfume.. i detest the baby powder scent on me that one was the only one so far that has turned baby powder. i tried to wash it off but it wouldn't come off and gave me a headache!!!