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BPAL Madness!
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my 5ml stash

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Finally made a spreadsheet! I will be updating that instead of this moving forward: smellsheet


March 2022:

Bright Red Dildo (Lupercalia 2022: Bag of Dicks)

Spirit Fingers (Bitch Planet)

Fairy Bites (Labyrinth LE)

Penis Penetrating a Vagina in a Pickle Barrel (Lupercalia 2022: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements)


April 2022:

Pumpkin Snake Latte (Halloweenie 2021: Pumpkin Patch, thanks Lill!)

Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar (Yule 2021: Box of Cookies, thanks doomsday_disco!)

Lab Rat (thanks doomsday_disco!)

Alice (GC)

Snake Milk (2022 LE)

Black Light Reactive Wolf Poster (2022 LE)


May 2022:

Penis Bound in Gold Ribbon (Lupercalia 2022: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements)


August 2022:

Fuck It, Might as Well Lick It (Yule 2021, thanks Bluestblood!)

Hoggle (Labyrinth LE, thanks artisjok!)

Ghost Milk (Yule 2020, thanks, bheansidhe!)

Imose-Yama (Lupercalia 2022: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements)

Snake Oil (pre-2019)



wishlist here!


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