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November 20, 1971
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Knitting, spinning, all sorts of crafting, mushroom hunting.

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No. 93 Engine, Falling Leaf Moon, Snow White, Heroine, Skytyping with Chemtrails, Bengal, Mircalla, Crib Girls, Hope, Pickled Imp, The Candy Butcher, Hope, Sunbird, VM Hestia, CO Vajra.

Favorite Notes: Cardamom (!), Chocolate (!), Peach, Honey, Beeswax, Sandalwood, Skin Musk, Aloeswood/Oud, Lemon, Sugar, Incense, Champaca, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Carnation, Vanilla, Fir, some Rose, Lavender, Ginger, Amber, I love most everything resinous, incense-y, or spicy.

Notes of Pain, Angst, etc.: Red Currant, Melons of all stripes, most berries, "butter", most "green"/herbal scents (I am really intrigued by these, but mainly they turn to soap on me), heady florals, pepper.


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  1. In Topic: Entangled

    17 February 2012 - 03:47 AM

    I agree with the previous reviewers who think this smells like Vetiver. There is definitely a strong earthy/vetiver smell at first. It calms down a bit and the ginger comes out, but it still has a bit of musty/earthiness. This comes across as a rather unisex herbal. I usually don't tolerate herbal scents very well, but this is not bad. It's definitely like nothing else in my collection.
  2. In Topic: The Wiley Grasser

    02 October 2011 - 09:26 PM

    As weird as this combination sounds, it works very nicely. I smell a hint of fruity, natural pine needles at the front, and a base that is a mix of wildflowers and cotton candy. The cotton candy is definitely pink to my nose, and the wild flowers are sweet and meld perfectly with it - the flowers here remind me of the flowers in Lilith's Tea Party. The pine needles are subtle and burn off first, leaving the sweet cotton candy and flowers. This lasts about four hours on me and has light - medium throw. It's a playful and almost girlish scent. I like this one.
  3. In Topic: Sonnet D'Automne

    02 October 2011 - 04:01 AM

    In the bottle and first applied, Sonnet D'Automne has a very strong "leaf" scent that actually reminds me a lot of the the rhubarb note in Heroine. It's a bit sour-sharp and fruity. It almost seems a bit masculine right at first, but it starts to sweeten up after just a few minutes, with the leaf note remaining predominant, but losing its sharp edge. In the meantime, the amber incense is coming to harmonize beautifully with the leaves. White chocolate softens and sweetens it all. This is a really pretty scent that for some reason reminds me quite a bit of Heroine. There is also some similarity with the Last Unicorn, but this is a lot bolder and has more throw. Glad I bought a bottle, it will definitely be part of the Autumn rotation.
  4. In Topic: Halloween: Las Vegas

    02 October 2011 - 01:45 AM

    I'm amazed at the varied impressions of this scent. My impression is in the vanilla frosting/incense/whatever is in Dorian camp. I didn't smell any wine, booze, or cigarette smoke. This has a bit of a similar feel to Cake Smash, but the grown up version. This is a little bolder and more complex. Underneath all that sweet frosting and sugar from Dorian is a melange of notes that I really can't pick out at all, but that reminds me of Fall. I love this one and I'm getting a second bottle.
  5. In Topic: Touched Twice

    19 August 2011 - 02:30 AM

    In the bottle, this smells nice - a sweet rose with sandalwood underneath. Like many other reviewers, though, when I put it on, the rose grew and grew and grew. It smells like powdery rose incense. It's not bad, but not that special either. It smells very much like Clermont to me.


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