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ephemeral minutiae > cozy winter wearables swap from verilita!

Posted 14 November 2009

a package arrived today. a soft package with a return address i did not recognize. it contained delightful hand-made goodness from verilita !


sorry about the weird lighting in these photos. my husband would not stop goofing around while he was taking these. and i found it impossible...

ephemeral minutiae > a trio of scents from my witch!

Posted 07 November 2009

i got witched!

i've known who my witch is for about a week, we've had some nice notes back and forth. she sent me her big packeage of goodies last week, then sent me on a treasure hunt to find her identity...


thank you so much for making my first switch with round so fun!

anyway, she told me she had one more little thing...

ephemeral minutiae > a huge box of goodies!

Posted 01 November 2009

yay! my witch had sent me an e-mail to "watch my mailbox early next week!" but i was not expecting it to be delivered yesterday, so i didn't bother checking the mail until this morning. and there was a box! a heavy box! with a return address in portland... how curious!

who can resist the allure of a sealed mystery box? not...

ephemeral minutiae > nacho witched!

Posted 21 October 2009

i just got a fun nacho witch package from sheyona! with the flurry of fun & sweetness crowding my inbox alongside the encouragement to "watch the mail" i decided to dash down to the unibox after the mailman had left. it probably took longer than it should have because i ended up taking photos of leaves and puddles and all sorts of other au...

ephemeral minutiae > witched again!

Posted 13 October 2009

huzzah! i was witched!

an interesting thing to note: this is the second time my witch has had something mailed to me and both times my package has arrived the same day as a bpal order... interesting... i think my witch and her helpers have a spooky power...

anyway... my postal carrier had both of my packages scanned and waiting for me by the tim...