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Exodus 22:21

Deliver Them From the Hands of the Wicked

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Posted 10 July 2018 - 02:52 PM

Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.
Myrrh, red currant, opoponax, and blackberry.


Such a somber topic, but such a sexy, beautiful, sultry summer scent! I've always had a love for BPAL's activism scent lines, and I knew I absolutely had to have one out of this specific series. I picked the bottle quickly, almost on a whim, and have no regrets. It's gorgeous! 4/5 smelly stars! I think a drop of mint or spice would have totally made it, but it still pairs beautifully with mint heavy scents. 
For a "fruity" scent, 22:21 still manages to be very balanced in terms of not being too sweet, or foody in any way. It must be all the resinous myrrh keeping the ripe, dark fruits in check. There is a hint of tartness initially, but barely. It has an almost smoky or wood-like quality. Upon initial application, it's all bursting, ripe, crushed summer blackberries, with an effervescent (almost champagne-like) quality poured over. But as soon as I rub it into the warmth of my skin, it immediately mellows into something much deeper, darker, and creamier. A spicy element of some sort pops up, making me think of sex musk. This is truly how I imagine "dark fruits", or a gothic summer to smell. Within minutes, the fruit is no longer distinguishable in the least. It's all perfectly blended together into something like a bittersweet incense stick and the sun-warmed skin of someone you quite fancy. 
Barely sweet, deep, and dark. Mature, while still retaining a playful air somehow. Ancient but powerful, and (to me) deeply feminine, yet grown. The dry-down is one of my absolute favorites as well. It turns resinous, soft, and creamy after the blackberry has been gobbled up. Dry blackberry wine and deep kisses come to mind. No plastic or soap here! I have a feeling this one is highly dependent on skin chemistry though, because it morphs quite a lot. 

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Posted 13 July 2018 - 01:29 AM

On me, Exodus 22.21 is not the dark heavy scent I might have expected from the presence of the resins, but a light, sweet puff of red-fruity incense. It's cuddly and comforting and close to the skin. A definite keeper!

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Posted 16 July 2018 - 06:21 PM

In the bottle

This is berry-forward but neither light nor heavy because of the resins. It's kind of mellow on first sniff. The myrrh is present but not overpowering at all.


Wet on skin

My skin amps currant and other berries, and this blend follows that general rule. It smells pretty much like it does in the bottle after about a minute, with the resins lingering a bit so this isn't a sharp berry scent. It's *really* lovely.


Dry on skin after 30 minutes

This doesn't morph on my skin so much as it becomes better blended. So it's more of a wonderfully resinous berry instead of berries and resins.



With myrrh being the first note listed, I was the slightest bit hesitant even though currant and blackberry are two of my very favorite things. Myrrh and I get along as long as it's in small doses. In this blend, rather than blanket itself over all other notes, the myrrh kind of acts like a syrup to tie everything together. This isn't a super sweet blend, but syrup seems like a good descriptor for the myrrh because this is a welcoming, soothing, calming blend that's not unlike a cup of blackberry tea. This one is a keeper and I love it a lot.

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