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Mod post: No wishlist posts in blogs

Posted by Silvertree in Forum Updates and News, 07 February 2012 · 1,851 views

Please be aware that we do not permit swap-related content on profiles or in blogs. Please post this content only in the For Sale, Swaps, and Wanted forums, or in the Wishlists topic. ~from Swapping 101


2018 Samhain Seven Qs

Posted by Em- in Maps and Legends, 09 September 2018 · 25 views

Updated 9/19/18
Shortbread?  Heck yes. I am up for just about any baked good. :D
Is there something you’d like from the UK? Pimms is probably out, but I love UK chocos and other edibles. 
Do you like Lord of the Rings?    Yes, but I"m not a huge fangirl. It is one of those things where I like the movie...

Mixing an old LE with a GC

Posted by Lemonlife in Lemonlife's Blog, 06 September 2018 · 15 views
mixing, experiment and 3 more...

Well, I had this bottle of Candy Phoenix (the 2010 one). No one was really interested in swapping. So, I mixed it with my 1/3 bottle of persephone. I figured 2 sweet based perfumes would work mixed together. Also, TBH, I think the Candy Phoenix had been faded over time. I did the mixing oh, a month ago? I figured I should let it sit a while for the oils t...

Swap questions for 13 Nights of Halloween

Posted by Psuke in Psuke's Blog, 30 August 2018 · 66 views

A note to my Goblin(?) - I forgot to mention a format of books that is good is physical! I'm super happy to get books, and used books are good, too. And related to that, an inexpensive item I appreciate is a good bookmark. A handmade bookmark, even, if you are crafty that way. :)
What is your favorite thing about Halloween?
I love almost al...

Perfume On Order!

Posted by Aveya in Aveya's Blog, 15 May 2018 · 154 views

Just for listing items I have incoming. Because... I might have an addition. And I might forget what perfumes our on their way to me XD
Indiegogo - Typecast:
Full Moon Flakes
Berry Moon 2009
Eternal Ankh (NAVA)
Samhain (NAVA)
Halloween 2014 (NAVA)
Burning Jack (NAVA)...

BPTP I have tried

Posted by alterosen in alterosen's Blog, 03 May 2018 · 722 views

In the interest of tidying my wishlist here's a list of BPTP I have already tried:
Aphrodite Erykine, Aphrodite Kypria, Apple Orchard, At Midnight With a Pumpkin Light,  Autumn Grove,  Behind the Scenes, Black Pomegranate & Black Currant, Chestnuts Roasting in an Open Pyre, Dia de Los Muertos, Discussion on the First Clim...

Imp Hooch

Posted by Carrie in Carrie's Blog, 02 May 2018 · 457 views

Bottle 1: (sweet, musky, sexy, currently labeled "Great Underpants for Womb Furie and Sinning) Great Sword of War, L'Enlèvement, Womb Furie 2012, Aelophile, Mag Mell, Sin, Solstice Scents Blueberry Violet Truffle, Arcana Bawd, Arcana Frilly Underpants, Alkemia Bohémiens en Voyage
Bottle 2: (going for orange and tobacco): SN: Swe...

Non-BPAL Scents

Posted by goblingrin in Kas's Blog, 25 March 2018 · 270 views

* Haus of Gloi "Lily Cakes " - floral, a touch sweet sugar fluffiness, a little powdery in a dainty way

Spring Cleaning Swap - 2018

Posted by izile in izile's BPAL blog, 13 March 2018 · 330 views

In-Thread Bonus Questions:
Craft supplies: Between me and sis, we're all over the place. The things I don't have and could use would be the things I always forget about when I'm actually IN a shop, like a masking fluid for watercolor paintings, or add-ins for acrylics or even oils. I have tons of paints, but I never get the OTHER stuff most people...

2018 books

Posted by voodoocatwoman in voodoocatwoman's Blog, 01 January 2018 · 430 views

Here we go again.
1. The Big Bamboo (audio) by Tim Dorsey FINISHED 1/3/18
2. Sunburn by Laura Lippman FINISHED 1/6/18
3. Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart FINISHED 1/13/18
4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (audio) FINISHED 1/18/18
5. Killed by Clutter by Leslie Caine FINISHED 1/25/18
6. The Burning Girl by Claire Messud FINISHED 2/1/18
7. The Hitch...

Imbolc 2018 Swap Q&A

Posted by 44sunsets in Hangin' Out with the Dream King, 12 December 2017 · 443 views

Do you use, or are you interested in, Twilight Alchemy Lab oils?  
I haven't, but definitely interested! I just have no idea where to begin on ordering them or using them and just sort of haven't bothered to Google that.  =P
Physical books or ebooks, and if the latter, what format?
Slight preference for used physical books, but...

Yule 2017

Posted by Dark Alice in SW Help, 19 November 2017 · 501 views

Dear Santa:
My wishlist is in Dire need of an update so here goes:
Bpal-I would love to try in any form: Frostbitten: Snake oil or Dorian, All of the Magi scents, 61 Lambs Street roomspray, Slade Atmos, Apple Ice Wine atmos, Black amber and Frankincense atmos, Frankincense and myrrh atmos, and Frozen Cranberries atmos, sugar plum atmos, a wi...

Solstice Swap Q&A

Posted by KatyC in Solstice Swap Q&A, 13 November 2017 · 321 views

Amazon & Etsy wishlists are in my signature.
Any Weenies you missed out on?
I didn't manage to get any Weenies! I'd love to try:
I Heard Many Things in Hell
Groan of Mortal Terror
The Dead Hour of the Night
The Dreadful Silence of That Old House
Stealthily, Stealthily (especially)
All Souls 2017
Day of Skulls
October (especia...

Winter Solstice Swap 2017

Posted by TwilightEyes in Miss Twilight's Blog, 13 November 2017 · 302 views

Are there decants that you wished you ordered but didn't?  Things you wish you had ordered more of?
I haven't been able to afford Liliths yet, let alone Weenies or Yules... But I'm going to try to get Liliths before they go down.  My wishlist is up to date with Weenies and Yules.
Are your Amazon, Etsy etc wishlists up to date?
They sho...

scents I have ordered

Posted by urbanruralferal in urbanruralferal, 12 November 2017 · 309 views

source: Lab
Order:  imps of tombstone, brimstone, aelopile, arcana.  bottle of Samhain 2017
CnS: 11/9, received
source: Herb Girl
order: imps of Bloodlust, Czernobog, the Caterpillar, decant of Samhainophobia 2016.  bottle of Laura Belle McDaniel
paid, received
11/16, Ajevie
decants all.  The Blood Must Flow...

12 Days of Xmas Wishlists and Q&A

Posted by spookygrrrly in Spookygrrrly's Tabernacle O'Terror, 07 November 2017 · 246 views

So here are my wishlists: 
Ravelry: Username is Spookygrrrly and I have a wishlist bundle for pattern Id like and dont have 
Amazon: searchable under my email or full name 
Haul of Gloi: Yule scents that sound yummy are Nefarious Gingerbread Man, Winter Divinity, and Snow Wolf. Especially that Nefarious Gingerbread Man would be great as a p...

12 Days of Christmas

Posted by porcelina in porcelina's blog, 06 November 2017 · 300 views

Are you coveting anything currently available from Haus of Gloi?
Yes! I like HoG scrubs, whipped soap, pumpkin butter, etc. From the Yule update, I pretty much like the sound of all the scents except for Rosy Cheeked (citrus is not my thing). Eggnoggin, His Sweater, and Winter Divinity sound especially good.
Are you coveting anything from the Pa...

12 days swap 2017

Posted by skyelyric in skyelyric's schtuff, 06 November 2017 · 323 views

Are you coveting anything currently available from Haus of Gloi?
Scrubs are always useful, and Snow Wolf, His Sweater, and Rosy Cheeked all sound nice, scent-wise
Are you coveting anything from the Paintbox Soapworks update that just happened?
Yuletide Mariner is one of my favorite scents from Paintbox
Are you coveting anything from C...

From: Apple Butter Rum

Posted by theredshoes in Moi's Blog, 02 November 2017 · 308 views
halloweenie, apple butter rum and 1 more...

Source: Apple Butter Rum

SW original Questionnaire

Posted by KatyC in Switch Witch 2017 - Q&A, 25 October 2017 · 303 views

Favorite BPAL oils: Anesthesia, Die Biegerde, Morocco, Dorian, Bones of Capys, Flickering Lantern, A Thousand Thoughts, and Hopes, and Joys
Favorite notes: Rose, French lavender, beeswax, honey, smoke, incense
Favorite non-BPAL perfumes: I hardly ever wear non-bpal, but when I do it's Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'eau
Least favorite notes: Lemon, verbena...

Paintbox addendum

Posted by dixiehellcat in Hellcat's Lair, 19 October 2017 · 323 views

Just a note to my Switch Witch, should you be considering my comments about the Paintbox Weenies: I think I put in my questionnaire that I don't/can't use scrubs. Would love soaps or lotions in any scent mentioned though, or even wax tarts. Or just a gift card. Not sayin anything, just sayin. hehe

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