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Mod post: No wishlist posts in blogs

Posted by Silvertree in Forum Updates and News, 07 February 2012 · 666 views

Please be aware that we do not permit swap-related content on profiles or in blogs. Please post this content only in the For Sale, Swaps, and Wanted forums, or in the Wishlists topic. ~from Swapping 101


Smelling all the things! or; the Newbie Tester

Posted by skeletina in skeletina's ramblings, 10 November 2015 · 61 views
testing, newbie

After a quick accumulation of imps (and some decants), I'm starting to test them all -- one per day. My daughter has claimed the option to test as well if she likes it on me. Our method: she reaches into the box of imps without looking and pulls one out. We sniff it, and unless it's rejected right away I try it on my skin. Then, if she likes it on me, she...

Circular Swap Help Post

Posted by deleahrium in Deleahrium's Switch & Swap , 05 November 2015 · 55 views

Though now overdone, I am still a fan for the most part. I am mostly always willing to try any organic *thing*, whether pumpkin or any other strange flavored. Having an organic diet limits me a lot so I try not to limit myself any further. Because I am also a chef, I am willing to taste and try most anything. If you're shopping for me, you'll ha...

Switch Witch Ketchup #5 - worst witchee ever

Posted by Tielan in Tielan's Blog, 22 October 2015 · 43 views

How does everyone feel about duct tape crafts?  Any favorite patterns?
I fear it would be something to collect dust and take up excessive space in my house. No, thanks. Are there any flowers you especially like?
When I was 10, I was told that poppy was my birthday flower, and I've had a fondness ever since. Would you be interested in any...

SwitchWitch2015 Questions

Posted by mojomomma in Switch Witch, 14 October 2015 · 59 views

Blu-ray or DVD? Neither do not have a player
Game systems - console or computer?  Mac/PC?  Which console? I wish I had time
Are you dressing up for Halloween and if so do you need any accessories for if? I am but am not sure as what and only cause work forces us to
Talk to me about bags, what kinds do you like? Sizes and...

Blooddrop is a thing I should havn't looked at

Posted by therhoda in therhoda's Unduly crazy rambles , 11 October 2015 · 60 views

So I looked at the Blood Drop update. never having been to that site I was a little like a kid in the candy story but I think i tamed it back. As with anything these would be the things that i liked and was interested in please dont think you have to do anything. 
So first thing i saw were the bath truffles. Apple wood and rum sound so nice. G...

My Reviews

Posted by LexieBlom in LexieBlom's Blog, 11 October 2015 · 104 views
Reviews, LexieBlom

Organized in alphabetical order, and identified with a ✔️ if I liked it enough to keep, or a  ❌ if it was a "no."
✔️ A Countenance Forboding Evil  
✔️ Al-Azif  
✔️ Azathoth
❌ Alice's Evidence  
❌ Aremata-Popoa  ...

SW Ketchup

Posted by deadgirldeviant in deadgirldeviant's Blog, 04 October 2015 · 59 views

Computers, types, games, etc- I am so not tech-savvy. My man does it all for me. I don't game on PCs, just my phone (what's built-in, google free, or off Facebook).
Purses- I try not to have them when I can, wallets are easier and light, but bags are usually black, big enough to fit stuff, books, mabe kid toys, rather than smaller,

Switch Witch 2015 questions and answers

Posted by bookworm in bookworm's Blog, 30 September 2015 · 69 views

Pumpkin?  Aside from pumpkin beer and pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread, I’m really not interested in pumpkin flavoured things, and I tend not to like pumpkin or pumpkin spice scented things.
Booze?   Yes, please!   :D   I’ll try just about anything alcoholic, as long as it doesn’t have dea...

Limited Edition Tests

Posted by Lydialove in Lydialove's Blog, 29 September 2015 · 94 views

Bewildered in a Dream -  A disorienting eddy of French lavender, black tea, orange blossom, sharp green tea leaf, pink flowering thorn, and a blot of inky resins. Ah. A sharp spike of lavender and I think a bit of a bitter tannic edge from the two kinds of tea. Medicinal as fuck. Orange blossom and whatever pink flowering thorn is ... damnit, my ski...

Switch Witch 2015

Posted by Psuke in Psuke's Blog, 29 September 2015 · 111 views

Want anything from Yellowstone? Be it postcards, key chains, shot glasses, pint glasses, or huckleberry what have you?
I'm not a big collector of things, but I'll be happy to get a postcard.  I've no idea what huckleberry tastes like, but I'm down to try some.  :)
I know there is a question about "decorating style"...

SW 2015

Posted by syrenemyst in syrenemyst's Blog, 28 September 2015 · 63 views

Pumpkin? no thanks
Booze? no thanks
Want anything from Yellowstone? Be it postcards, key chains, shot glasses, pint glasses, or huckleberry what have you? any kind of souveniur would be cool
Are you a fan of the TV show Penny Dreadful? I haven't seen it yet, but I know I love the aesthetic
What are your co...


Posted by Dark Alice in SW Help, 27 September 2015 · 51 views

Nope. Too buttery
 Wine, red, white, bourbon, and sometimes vodka
Want anything from Yellowstone? Be it postcards, key chains, shot glasses, pint glasses, or huckleberry what have you?
 Surprise me. :D
I know there is a question about "decorating style", but if you're comfortable, could you should us some pho...

Switch Witch 2015

Posted by girlryan in girlryan's Blog, 25 September 2015 · 102 views

Hello Switch Witch, nice to "meet" you!
Thought I would answer all the questions here so they are easy to find :)
Like, don't love.
I enjoy vodka, fruity drinks, and bottles w/ pretty artwork.
Want anything from Yellowstone? Be it postcards, key chains, shot glasses, pint glasses, or huckleberry what have you...

EML298's 2015 Switch Witch Help Questionnaire Addenda ;)

Posted by eml298 in eml298's Blog, 25 September 2015 · 83 views

So, I'm LATE! I know I haven't been joined in for the fun in the past week and a half. We've been getting settled in our new place and I've hit the ground at a sprint at my new job. HOWEVER, I've got Fridays off. So, Witch ( :hug: ), know that I'm more prolific Friday-Sunday than during the week. However, I will do my best to respond to any message sent d...

2015 Switch Witch Q&A

Posted by Dominique in Dominique's Blog, 25 September 2015 · 72 views

Do people mind handmade/homemade things?
Rock on with the homemade things! I like food, I like art, I like crafty stuff.
All of the pumpkin things. All of them. I like pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin curry . . .
Significantly less of a fan than of pumpkin. I dont drink, my partner doesnt drink, and...

Switch Witch 2015 Answers!

Posted by Xue_Bai in Xue's BPAL Blog, 25 September 2015 · 91 views

Pumpkin? Sure, in moderation.  Booze? Yes! Anything made with booze tends to be a win. Drinking I'm totally into trying as many beers as possible, tequila, and cheap red wines. Classy right here. Yellowstone? My question, but I do like local things, and I collect keychains. Decor? And I would post photos of my room back home, but they seem...

Switch Witch 15 help

Posted by tyche in tyche's Blog, 24 September 2015 · 73 views

Pumpkin : Yes! I lean more towards the pumpkin baked goods and coffees than candies. Pumpkin soups and pastas are good, too.
Booze : Sure, just not a lot. We have a very full liquor cabinet and lose more alcohol to evaporation than actually drinking it. 
Yellowstone : I'd love to go! Actually, memorabilia from other national parks would...

Switch Witch 2015 Questions, part 1, 9/17-

Posted by Dymphna in Dymphna's Blog, 24 September 2015 · 96 views
switch witch, questions

Switch Witch 2015 Questions, part 1, 9/17- 9/17/15
YES. PUMPKIN. YES. If it smells, tastes, or looks like pumpkin, I'll probably like it.
I don't really drink much normally, and since I'm still nursing right now, I'm choosing not to drink until she weans.
Want anything from Yellowstone? Be it postcards, key chains, shot glasses, pint glasses, or huckleberry...

Switch Witch Halloween 2015

Posted by neveragain in neveragain's Blog, 23 September 2015 · 112 views
SW, Switch Witch, Halloween 2015

Extra Ketchup
I love pumpkin treats, and pumpkin scents. I am a basic biatch.
I don’t drink often, but when I do, its usually mead, beer or wine. Beer brands like Stella Artois, Chimay Blue, Kokanee, Heineken, Grolsch, and microbrew tasting are my favorites. Wine, I like sweet whites, like...

Switch Witch 2015

Posted by mimosa in mimosa's Blog, 23 September 2015 · 71 views

Hello to my Witch, good to meet you. 
I've tried to list all my wishlists (for ideas and help only) on the spreadsheet, I'm not very good at adding things - I always forget. I use Amazon (UK) to add random things as i come across them. (list can be found by searching my email address on the UK site) My BPAL wishlist has only older stuff on, I've only...

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