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BPAL Madness!

Wildflower Honey, Pink Rose, and Sandalwood

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On first application this is a burst of wildflowers and pink roses. The wildflower honey is different from other honeys I've tried and is predominantly wildflowers with a hint of honey on me. There is some greenery in the wildflowers, I imagine walking through a meadow in summer. It's very fresh and soft. I feel the pink rose takes a bit of a back seat but is still there peaking through in between the wildflowers. 


After the initial phase I get the sandalwood. The sandalwood becomes an equal player to the wild flowers and the pink rose is softly in the background. I would describe this as a soft, clean wild flower scent with a hint of honey on me. It's not as sweet as I imagined it would be with the honey in there, I have found it to be predominantly more floral and Sandalwood once it has settled into my skin. For me it has low throw but lasts quite a long time. I find it to be a light, summery scent.



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This perfume doesn't go quite as expected for me.


The first burst of it on my skin is simply a bouquet of nondescript pinkish flowers.


In drydown, I start to get something reddish and fruity, but also something a bit powdery and clean, like laundry sheets. I've enjoyed past wildflower honey blends... the note hasn't gone all dryer sheets on me before. Here, though, alas... something is reading to me like a wildflower-scented dryer sheet. 


Clean, powdery, pinkish, floral. Drop of light honey.

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Sweet pink flowers, just a hint of pink rose, and a touch of light sandalwood on the drydown. This is pretty and would be perfect for a young person to start out with. Not too strong, very inoffensive.  Glad I tried a decant but I don't need a big bottle of this one. 

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