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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves and Champagne  

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At first this was all fresh-cut bell pepper and a little bit of cologne. Now it’s settling and I am finding it the most compellingly strange blend and I mean that as a compliment. There’s still bell peppers and some crunchy leaves out of the gate, but also a lot of fizzy champagne. As it dries down the champagne comes out more. I love the lab’s champagne note so that’s a win for me. This blend is totally weird and I love it.

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Champagne especially on wet, a note of green bellpepper and peppery leaves emerges as it dries. This one is like a celebratory Dead Leaves. Like it doused itself in champagne, sashayed and then made itself at home. Great throw on wet.

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In the Bottle: I have no idea what champagne smells like but this smells a little alcoholic and a lot fizzy. I don't understand how that's possible, but it's amazing and I'm a fan.


Wet: Fresh bell peppers and the slightly sweet fizziness that must be champagne.


Dry: Modestly cologney bell peppers and sparkly sparkly champagne. It's light but present on my skin and lasts throughout the day. Light as in airy, and not faint or skin-close.


I loooooove this. It's so different from what I've ever expected to smell as perfume and my mind is blown that any perfume can replicate the smell of carbonation. Happy to have snagged a bottle.

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