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BPAL Madness!

Thirteen (13): August 2021

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Thirteen herbs to stave off the plague, coated with chocolate and delivered with a spoonful of sugar: butterburr, fennel, marigold, borage, rosemary, wood sorrel, clove pink, self-heal, yarrow, lemon balm, sweet cicely, rue, and masterwort.

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When I first put this on, it smells almost exactly like a Tootsie Roll:  chocolate, sugar, and something vaguely fruity (maybe it's the lemon balm coming through;  I tend to amp that note, or maybe it is the wood sorrel).  It's potent.  


After the initial candy rush, I start to get a bit of the clove pink.  It's a bit jarring at this stage: the floral, the fruit, the chocolate. 


But then it starts to settle into something beautiful and difficult to describe.  There is still some sweet chocolate, but it's mellowed and blended with the marigold and some of the other things, I think.   I don't really smell fennel, borage, rosemary, yarrow or rue, and I don't know what butterburr, self-heal, sweet cicely, or masterwort smell like.  It's not "green" or overtly "herbally", but a comforting, almost clean scent.  I'm not describing it very well, but it's really lovely.  And it lasts and lasts!  


I'll have to try it again in a few weeks.  I find the 13s tend to age really well.  

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I am not familiar with most of the notes in this, and since my reviews tend to focus on picking out notes, this is going to be a very vague one. :P 


This 13 starts off with a burst of chocolate, sugar, and herbs. I definitely get some strong fennel during the wet phase, which had me worried for a while. Then it ends up settling into a predominantly green herbal scent swirled with chocolate and sugar -- as if you had a pot full of herbs, chocolate, and sugar, and stirred them together. But by the end of the day, the chocolate and sugar have managed to overtake the herbs, and it's almost a floofy, mallow-like sugary chocolate with some herbs thrown in on me?


I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet, although I really enjoyed the final morph of this scent. I will set it aside and allow it to age some before retesting. :) 

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