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BPAL Madness!

Blue Cypress & Haitian Vetiver

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Straight out of the mailbox, this is bitter and woody, with an underpinning of something kinda piney, kinda medicinal. I double checked what blue cypress smells like, and the second descriptive word is medicinal! This is like an aromatic bitter that you'd put in your cocktail, or a funky alcoholic botanical that you'd find in Eastern Europe. The vetiver is smooth, not scorched or vegetal, but it is definitely second fiddle to the cypress in this blend. Definitely very bitey, and I am not sure if this is something that will calm down with time.

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Very sharp and sappy. After seeing it described above as an aromatic in a cocktail, I totally agree. I'm liking this a lot for summertime, it's refreshing in this muggy Louisiana heat.  

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