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Vanilla, Champaca & Gardenia

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Vanilla, Champaca, and Gardenia


In the bottle: Mostly just vanilla and gardenia. Not getting that purported toasted rice thing people say champaca gives off. Maybe a little, if I concentrate while sniffing.


Wet: I amp gardenia, and I'm a little nervous, but here goes. Ooo nice! A little powdery in a very pleasant way. Gardenia dancing happily in the foreground, but not hogging the limelight. Vanilla and champaca are beautiful and soft.


Dry down: Hmm. Gardenia starting to whine. I like champaca, and I'm happy to be able to experience it in a Menage. It's almost like mimosa. Floral, but very mildly so. I can see why people get rice from it.


Dry: Damn this is another lovely! Floral powder, but not granny perfume. More subtle. All fears of gardenia taking over are gone. So beautifully balanced.

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I second Okupsidedown's review. This is a lovely blend. The champaca behaves--it's nothing like the screeching incense I did not like in the Darjeeling Tea trio. This is a fuzzy soft gardenia. Not overly sweet. Not as high-pitched and bright as the Gardenia, Tobacco Leaf, and Oakmoss trio - which I also loved. This one is a comforting cloud of prettiness. Turns out I do love Gardenia, even though I normally avoid florals. I want a partial but not sure if I need a full bottle. Debating.. 

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