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Snake's Kiss Hair Gloss

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In order to understand what Snake's Kiss HG is like, it's important to understand the evolution of the perfume oil itself. Fresh off the presses in its debut year, Snake's Kiss was a wisp of a scent: sugary vanilla, a drop of honey, not much Snake Oil, not really much of anything. A year later, it was rich, creamy, warmly sweet. Two years later, it is INTENSE. Still quite far from Snake Oil, like to my nose it's barely in the same family, but it lasts longer, yes, LONGER than Snake Oil, with more powerful throw, more sweetness, more of everything. It smells like whipping up a vanilla buttercream frosting with a healthy dollop of gentle honey and a sprinkling of spices. Did I say buttercream? I sure did. "Thick vanilla cream" is no lie. This is desserty gourmand Snake Oil. 


I say all that to say this: fresh off the presses, Snake's Kiss HG is probably gonna turn into that. Right now, it's much closer to OG Snake Oil than Snake's Kiss perfume oil ever was. It's got more of the characteristic spices and muskiness, with less of the foodie buttercream action. I still am picking out the drop of honey, but it's faint. It's comforting, smelling the Snake Oil just sweetened up. Very pretty. Now on the hair....A few spritzes in, and it fades within a few minutes. Fresh. Fresh, I tell you.


I won't be using this much for a year. I'm going to stash it away, forget about it, and pull it out again next February. I know what the Snake's Kiss journey is like. It needs time. It's very, very much worth the wait. You can expect an update next year from me ;)

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