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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves, Balsam, Olibanum, and Tonka Bean

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This was the scent I chose based on instinct and the notes. I was not disappointed. Wet: It all smells like the tonka, olibanum and the damn dead leaf/cologne note are fighting for supremacy.   Dry: These notes blend beautifully. The olibanum is not heavy, the tonka keeps it sweet and the leaf note behaves. I am going to age b/c I know it will be fantastic in a few months!!! :joy:

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This is fantastic.  I have been in the mood for a "robe and slippers" kind of cozy scent and this might be it.  I can pick out the tonka and leaves but overall it gives me a tobacco impression, even though I know there's no tobacco.  It's a little earthy, but also cozy and a touch sweet.  And it seems to be the perfect "volume" or whatever you call that - sillage or throw I guess?  It's not too strong, but just strong enough.  I wore it to a work meeting and didn't have any worries that my scent was too strong (something I worry about sometimes).

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