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Bright Goddess of the Skies

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Collaborator of Queenly virtue Elizabeth Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab ritually crafted a limited edition perfume oil during the Venus in Taurus series election. Of it, she shares —

Once more, O Venus! hear my prayer,
And ease my mind of anxious care;
Again vouchsafe to be my guest,
And calm this tempest in my breast!
To thee, bright queen, my vows aspire;
O grant me all my heart’s desire!
– Hymn to Venus, Sappho

Translated by Francis Fawkes.

The scent feels like a cascade of pale, crystalline roses; it is a silken bedsheet clinging like the langurous drape of a half-open dressing robe. It is the crashing wave of rapture, it is the scent of passionate words breathlessly gasped between entwined bodies. It is the ecstasy of the moment of release from the pain of heartache. It is a bouquet of swelling joy that beauty inspires, and it contains the essence of the blossoming of self-love that enables you to truly love others.

Utilize this oil to develop your appreciation of your own beauty, to open yourself up to the beauty of others, when creating art or when you wish to enhance your appreciation of the arts, for opening your heart and unblocking your receptivity to love, to aid healing romance-rooted emotional trauma, and to bind lovers together.

This is a perfume of love, of mending hearts, of union, and of the expression of love and union through the arts; this is a hymn to Venus.

Honey absolute (Apis melliferra), vanilla absolute and CO2 extract of vanilla (Vanilla planifolia), Bulgarian white rose otto (Rosa x alba), Bulgarian rose absolute (Rosa x damascena), white champa flower (Michelia alba), Motia attar, jasmine sambac absolute (Jasminum sambac) Sumatran benzoin (Styrax benzoin), ylang ylang essential oil (Cananga odorata var. genuine) solvent-extracted cassie absolute (Acacia farnesiana), rose-infused vegetal musk, 24k gold, pink and red rose petals.

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I'm not much of a florals person, when it comes to how I scent myself. I bought two bottles of this untested, however, because of what it *does*.

So first, I will speak to how it has :worked: for me, having only fully worn it once.


And how it has worked this far, has been LOVELY. I felt an almost immediate sense of self-love and confidence well up after application. It was an interesting shift: strong, but in the foundation of my being, like an energetic reminder that the space I occupy on this earth has been here all along. Like a reminder of the currency of my being, a sort of "Oh! THAT'S right!" kind of feeling. It reverberated all day- it effected my choice of clothing (I leaned more into snug, body-defining dress then usual), it effected how I held myself when walking down the street. It created a series of "a-ha!" moment about what I deserve as far as respect goes, for merely being human.

As for the scent, it's less like a rose-y perfume and more like a rose-based essential oil blend (which is really more what it is). As a result, it layers well with a variety of other scents, so if you want the vibe and support but aren't keen on smelling floral, you can do things to shift it pretty dramatically. The day I tested, I layered on some amber paste and a bit of aged patchouli and it was *glorious*


I am SO very glad that I have some, for whatever might befall me in the future.



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This is a delightful rose-scented (but for me, I really smell honeyed roses and jasmine), which huge throw. I placed a drop over my heart chakra.

I think that these dark and anxious times are very difficult for an individual and relationships. I felt more grace with myself and with mr. zee_zee. We cuddled alot. It was deeply comforting and loving.

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Bright Goddess of the Skies is a very sophisticated, uplifting, mature rose scent that will make you feel like a goddess. This is the scent of a queen draped in a silk gown crushing rose petals beneath her feet, head held high, who absolutely knows her worth. And she wants you know yours, too.


The Bulgarian rose is the star of the show here, and it is one of my favorite rose notes. If you've tried Love Lay Upon Her Eyes, it features that same rose, all TALed up. The jasmine isn't indolic, and the ylang ylang isn't screechy. The white champa flower adds a bit of an incense in the background, but refrains from taking over the scent. The honey and vanilla are pretty light on me.

I don't really know how to properly describe this, but when I inhale this, I feel it in my heart. It's a lesson in self-love and confidence that really resonates with this double Taurus, and I am so happy to have a bottle. :heart: 

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