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BPAL Madness!

Foolish Wooden Cucumber

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This one starts out so unusual in the best way. You really smell oak, vanilla and cucumber in equal measure! The scent wants to be warm and cool at the same time, which was a wild experience for me. After about half an hour the cucumber dies down and leaves you with an elegant, warm woody vanilla that lasts for a long time. Definitely bottle worthy!

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Imp: vanilla, oaked bourbon (? sure, nose), and cucumber juice


Wet: old oak barrels, teak-touched vanilla, hints of wet greenery and spice


Dry: sweet, woody vanilla.


One of the simplest, but most effective, scents I've tried out of the Singularity batch; it very much does what it says on the tin. It's super light on me, lasting only a few hours, with a very mild throw. Nevertheless, lovely.


Stars: ★★★★½, would have been five with a longer lifespan.


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