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Marquise de Merteuil

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Stately, bold, aristocratic and cruel. Opulent galbanum and amber, glistening peach, and a bouquet of French florals, with a merciless undertone of jonquil and heartless vetiver.

In the imp: peach and undistinct flowers. Sweet but not sugary.

Wet: the peach dies down almost instantly on me, and this is full-on flowers and amber. I can also smell the vetiver underneath, which gives the scent a bit of depth.

Drydown: lovely spicy yellow flowers with a bit of sweetness and wood underneath. Rather perfumey but not soapy at all. I really like this.

This one is a winner for me. It does seem to be pretty dependent on skin chemistry though, because the first time I tested it I remember it smelling more strongly of white florals (I liked it both ways).

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Wet: This leads with light peach, followed by light florals. I think I detect some lavender. The amber sweetens it up. I can't detect the vetiver, but there is a slight dustiness. It's much lighter and brighter than I expected. Pretty, but not wowing me.



Dry: Peach and florals with something a little bit darker underneath - galbanum and vetiver I think. Sweetened nicely by the amber without being sickly sweet or cloying. I can't pick out any individual floral notes - what I thought might have been lavender disappeared. I am not very familiar with jonquil. This is quite nice, but it's not wowing me, and there are other peachy smells I like better.

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Opulent is right! The peach is subtle at first as the amber is pretty prominent, but it quickly starts to enter the equation. It started to get kind of perfume-y, but then the peach keeps it from becoming too much so. It is definitely stately and pretty, but I am a little too plebeian for such airs, I suppose.

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Imp: almost heady floral
Wet on Me: that heady floral but not yet
Drying Down: still a heady floral but with that powder-y note I get from amber. the way it's amping on my skin there has to be rose, lilac or lily.
Dry: a powdery floral that gets very heady under my nose very quickly. I think this could be someone else's cup of tea. to trade.

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In the imp (decant from an older bottle):

floral, peach. 

(the color of the oil is orange)

On skin, wet to dry down:

I really like this. I am glad I get flowers and peach, because I like those.

But there is something in the image, that is the opposite of kind; this is the image it evokes for my brain:

  • It is indeed only a perfume for aristocrats. But, moreover, there is something witty, seductive and merciless / without soul in it. Something of high beauty and perfected costume and appearance, that would offer you to sit at a table (the table has a bouquet of big, french flowers on it). And in making polite conversations, you'd be reminded of your lower status -very politely indeed-, before some kind of wish would be expressed to you (the conversation tone would make sure that the beautiful being would likely kill your relatives if you didnt comply to that wish). In that sense: perfect for meetings in a hierarchical job. ;) It provides some power (not the good power, more the decisive, overruling, egocentric, yet very polite power). The thing is, I see myself at the other side of that table with flowers. So: I can't really wear this, unless I am on stage in a similar role and acting, or in the mood for the scent, while reading a book at home that has a very polite but heartless villain in it. 

Dried-down, a bit later:

Next to peach, floral, with a whiff of amber, it is now a bit powdery (in a good way). It is high status and beautiful. You may think it is kind and good, but it is not. The thing is; you can't see whether its kind or not, because you can't put your finger on it, but there is something in the back instinctively warning you that the flowers and peach are just a show.

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