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BPAL Madness!

The Umbrella Incident

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Travel brings educational experiences that you just can’t predict. We visited the German Spy Museum in Berlin on a whim, and Lilith learned all about the history of espionage, data encryption, cryptography, and cypher machines, poisons and truth serums, and the strange and clever artifacts of Cold War spycraft. For me, the most interesting part was the Stasi’s collection of scent samples of German dissidents. For Lilith, the best part of the museum was dodging beams in the laserparcours, full Mission Impossible-style.


Here, Lilith is inspecting the poisons exhibit after watching a reel about the Bulgarian umbrella.


Leather shoe phones, the gleaming metal of a M-125-3 Fialka cipher machine, a femme fatale’s heady, dark perfume, and a breath of castor bean accord.

Jasmine, perfume, and a whiff of metal and leather. This one smells like a femme fatale. You get the jasmine, the old timey perfume, and whiffs of metal and leather. Good throw, great wear length.

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maybe it's the constant seasonal rain or the fact that I've just finally read the umbrella academy comic (haven't caught the show), but i was drawn to this scent just by reading the name.  add to that an adorable origin story. then top it all off by it being a fantastic scent. I've neglected testing about half of my decants because I love wearing this beauty so much.  fancy schmancy rich perfume with a polished leather note at the base. i'm bad at identifying floral notes, so while i think I smell some lily, i could be wrong.  if you enjoy bpals that evoke classic perfumes, this is a nice dark potion that smells fabulous in rainy spring weather. (it's always overcast in spy dramas, no?)


good throw still going strong after a twelve hour work day.  this is one of my favorites from this series of lilith adventures.  it's also one of my top two bpal leather blends, up there with olla adam.

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