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BPAL Madness!

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In this Berlin café, schere beats blurry schere!

So there! Blam!


Warm leather, coffee beans, tobacco, Bärenjäger, and a drop of blackberry liqueur.


Blackberry booze, coffee, and leather. This one is definitely a more boozey-honey-leather blend than coffee. Coffee is in there, but there's everything else coming out. As it dries, more of the tobacco comes out. But yeah, this smells like an expensive tobacco lounge - you know liqour, quality tobacco, and gorgeous leather. Good throw and wear length.

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This starts off with the tobacco, coffee beans, and blackberry liqueur being the most prominent notes on me, but the Barenjäger, which reads as a light honey to my nose, comes out more with wear, and after several hours, it ends up being one of the main players on me, along with the tobacco, blackberry liqueur, and warm leather. The leather is a soft, warm variety and reminds me of a leather note from another scent that I'm not able to place at the moment. It's not a chemical-y type of leather at all. I am not generally fond of berry scents, and while the blackberry liqueur is noticeable, it's not overwhelmingly berry (or boozy) on me (it is boozy, though).

I like this more than I thought I would. It's not something I need a bottle of, but I am glad I tried it (and it is different enough from Secrets to warrant trying both). I want to try Barenjäger even more now!

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blackberry ..... cleaner? like astringent cleaner. blackberry liquid soap? that's also tangy sweet?


ok...within 20 min it's super candy-like blackberry with a warm coffee/leather undernote (if I really sniff for it)

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So... I saw the word "Barenjager" and had to try this one.  If you drink, and you like honey - try the stuff.  It's damn delicious and around 70 proof.  

Anywho - Schere, Stein, Papier!  opens with warm coffee over Barenjager, with a hint of sweaty, brown leather in the background.  The Barenjager has a syrupy quality and does smell different to me than other lab "honey" notes.  There's a boozy quality to the fragrance, but I'm not sure if that's from the Barenjager or the blackberry liqueur.  It's very sweet, but not as in your face as Grog, Hot Buttered Whisky and most of the stuff I've smelled with rum.  The blackberry becomes more obvious to me as I wear the fragrance.  It adds a sweet tartness to the blend.  All the notes have their turn and hold their own with the coffee fading first.  The fragrance is fun, casual, different, has weight without being heavy, and lasts a good while.  It was a honey leather skin scent on me by the end of the work day.  I'd say if you're a honey fan, it's definately worth checking out this variation.  


I'm not sold on a bottle b/c, alas, a vaguely "rubber eraser" note comes out on me during the late dry down.  I think it may be how the tobacco is interacting with something else.  It's not enough to ruin the fragrance, but... I'm gonna hold off on a bottle.   I'm curious to see if Barenjager will be showing up in any more blends though.  :love!: 


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