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BPAL Madness!

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I have been blithe with comrades dear; I have been merry drinking;
I have been joyful gathering gear; I have been happy thinking;
But all the pleasures ever I saw, though three times doubled fairly,
That happy night was worth them all, among the rigs of barley.


The perfume of a harvest celebration - of bonfire smoke, grains and hay, acorns and oak bark, pumpkins and apples, and thin strands of incense buffeted by autumn wind.


This, along with Scarecrow Turned Philosopher is like autumn evenings in a bottle. Crisp wind, bonfire smoke, apples and whiffs of pumpkin and grains and hay. Just lovely. Good throw and wear length.

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Let me just drop this here: Autumn minus cinnamon. 






I wish I had picked this up when I had the chance, as I have been thinking about it ever since. It is a really nice autumn scent, and it didn’t amp spice at all. And, I am not fond of apple... this was so light on the apple. Just.... good. I smelled acorns, hay, and something sweet but it’s not Gourmand at all.

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Amidst all the many fall scents, this is a really excellent and unique one. It does indeed remind me of visiting a mountain farm in late October, the smell of corn and sunflowers and hay on clean brisk air, and a market full of gourds and fruits. There's a sweetness that reminds me of maple leaves but not maple syrup, and the memory of apples and pumpkins without anything specifically screaming APPLE! PUMPKIN! So many delicious parts of fall harvest, with no single note taking over.


I wouldn't have guessed there was either bonfire smoke or incense in here, but I think it runs underneath the top notes to give this a rich, deep autumnal glory. Don't be worried about the smoke if it has done you dirty in the past. It is a very friendly fire. 


This does indeed remind me of Scarecrow Turned Philosopher, so if you can't find Corn Riggs, that's a good backup. But wow, this one would have made a great Weenie! I will happily hold onto my bottle and wear it often in the fall.

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