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Venus Pandemos
Hay, rose otto, red benzoin, torch smoke, and pink carnation.


Venus Pandemos is an interesting scent. The hay note is listed first for a reason, because it is definitely in the forefront of this blend. It’s unusual, though: It isn’t as “dusty” as the other Lab hay notes. Instead, this smells like fresh hay. (And let me tell you, I just had a long talk with myself about what that means. Because isn’t fresh hay, well, grass?! But no, that’s not what this is. The note here, it’s like there is a dampness to it. And maybe a hint of a nutty cream-like scent? So maybe freshly-rolled hay is a little less, I dunno, fusty, or something?


It’s also amazing that I don’t smell any benzoin, because my nose can find a drop of that in the ocean. This isn’t resin-y at all. There’s also just a whisper of smoke, and the slightest warm and spicy floral hint. (I mean, really: If it weren’t for that hay note, I would wonder if I got a mislabeled decant!)


I’m still not sure if I like this. There isn’t much throw, which is okay for a smell like this one, and it doesn’t last very long on my skin.

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Roses, pink carnation, and a whiff of smoked hay. This one is a smoky pink rosy blend. Medium throw and wear length.

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