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BPAL Madness!

Dirty Soap

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A fresh, crisp white linen scent: perfectly clean, perfectly breezy.

I gasped when I saw new BPTP soaps at the Lab's booth at Drag Con. I decided that, if they were available for sale, I needed them all. They were available for purchase, so I bought all three.


This soap was made for the Black Phoenix Trading Post by Bakermancy. Those that avoid buying products that contain palm oil will be glad to hear that it is palm oil-free. However, it does contain silk, so this particular bar isn't vegan-friendly. I believe Puddin' had mentioned offering both silk and silk-free versions, so that may still be happening, but the ones at the booth were the silk versions.


Here are the ingredients: olive oil, organic unrefined shea butter, virgin organic coconut oil, castor oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, silk peptide, mica, iron oxide (CI77491), iron oxide (CI77499), titanium dioxide, and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fragrance.


The bar is a 4.8 oz bar.


This is an exfoliating soap. There's little exfoliating bits within the bar, but they are not harsh.


The soap creates a lot of lather. A little goes a long way!


And the scent lasts. I can still smell Dirty's clean linen on my skin after washing my hands with it and showering with it. :)


I am glad I got Dirty! :lol:

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The bar is a beautiful deep rust color, with caramel and black swirls. I bought the version with silk.


It lathers really nicely in the shower and leaves my skin feeling clean without being too dry. I was not expecting the exfoliating bits - my sensitive skin does not do well with exfoliating pieces in most soaps and this was no exception. I had to be very delicate with pressure, otherwise my skin actually got scratched up while using this.


The Dirty scent is soft and relaxing. It was quite subtle and my family didn't even notice I had used the soap. Some soaps have a very strong scent and the entire bathroom smells like it after you shower. That did not happen with this soap. It was very faint once I dried off and did not linger.


If you're comfortable with exfoliating soap and want something unobtrusive, this is pretty good. Alas, the scrubby bits were not for me and I wish I had known it was exfoliating soap before I bought it.

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I obviously missed the exfoliating bits description, so that came to me as a surprise. Yup, clean linen as a scent, good lather, seems to have a good wear length. Not drying at all.

Mr. zee_zee approves.

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This is a virtually scentless bar of soap on me.  I'm getting a bit of breeziness, but that's about it.  I do like the lather and the exfoliating bits.

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