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BPAL Madness!

61 Lambs Conduit Street Atmosphere Spray

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In Mr. Campbell Holms book, The Facts of Psychic Science, which is, and will be always, a most exact and valuable book of reference, there are a number of cases given where people have been transported through solid objects. Inexperienced and foolish people may jeer, but they will find it easier to do so than to refute the evidence. For example, upon June 3rd, 1871, Mrs. Guppy was floated from her own house in Highbury, and appeared upon the table of a room at 61 Lambs Conduit Street, where a séance was being held behind locked doors. A document was signed by the eleven sitters to testify to the fact and they had no possible object in perjuring themselves about the matter. Mrs. Guppy said that the last thing she could remember was sitting with her friend Miss Neyland. That lady deposed that Mrs. Guppy had suddenly vanished from her sight. Four of the sitters accompanied Mrs. Guppy home and heard what her friend had to say. It is difficult to find any flaw in such evidence and it would certainly have been conclusive in a court of law had it been a criminal case. But surely such a transposition is more remarkable than any of Houdinis, and had she done similar things in public her reputation would have been similar to his own.

the Edge of the Unknown, Arthur Conan Doyle

A séance in progress: polished oak and oxblood leather, rivulets of beeswax, a splash of rose water, and a pulsating throb of ectoplasm.

This makes me happy. :smile: It's a rather masculine blend, and what comes across when I spray it ON something is mostly the oak with a hint of leather. It smells like a very nice "man office/study" with polished wood cabinets and svelte, leather furniture. In the AIR, the beeswax becomes the dominant feature to my nose, with a bit of spicy wood filling in the background. It's not a heavy scent, and there's something lovely and clean about it, along with something decidedly proper. ;)

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I love this. Soft leather oozing with beeswax; similar to Light of Men's Lives but darker and more masculine leaning. Hints of oak and rose once it dries. Not entirely sure what a 'pulsating throb of ectoplasm' smells like but I'm willing to roll with it; the scent as a whole reminds me of The Exorcist 1973.

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Oak, roses, and a whiff of leather and beeswax. Smells like a Victorian spiritualist house - ton of wood, roses, and a whiff of other things happening. Very atmospheric for a nice haunted parlour.

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