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BPAL Madness!

Burying Point

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Damp clusters of brown patchouli, dried maple leaves, black sage, spikenard, and curled, misshapen mandrake roots.

Dark earth and roots with an herbal sweetness.
This is like digging around in dirt with clumps of herbs and shrubs growing out of it, with tangled roots and dead leaves buried underneath.
Dark, gritty, dirt, wild herbs, on the masculine side. This is my kind of scent.
As with St. Louis #1 I have no regrets about purchasing a bottle and I expect that Burying Point is a scent that will get even better as it ages.

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I bought both cemetery scents on impulse because I have good memories of both.


Burying Point is absolutely evocative of old Salem in the fall. At first I mostly get patchouli, to an almost overpowering degree. Eventually it mellows down to a supremely earthy dead leaf scent with an incensey background (probably the sage).


It's a bittersweet, warm, masculine fragrance. Despite all its earthiness, of all the BPAL oils I've tried, this one smells most like a literal campfire. There's a smoky, woodsy, sweetly decayed quality here that reminds me exactly of gathering wood and kindling to build a fire, and then setting the whole thing ablaze in a stone-lined pit. But I could definitely also see this being reminiscent of the eponymous cemetery, if only conceptually.

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Dark, earthy, rooty. I get warm patchouli, dry leaves, and a touch of mandrake. This smells like dirt.


But the magical kinda of dirt. The dirt you pick up in the super old haunted cemetery in your town at like midnight on a new moon day, because you have to work some magic.


Powerful, manly, earthy.

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