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BPAL Madness!

Perfect Fifths

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Every instrument she touches, she adores. If she had the money and the space, her bedroom would look like a basement storeroom at the philharmonic. I played violin as a child, so when I saw her waving that bow for the first time, my heart grew ten sizes.

Of course, she prefers the drums.

Bow rosin and bubblegum.


I was (am?) a violinist, so this spoke to me.

I also love bubblegum scents, but have been hard pressed to find anything that surpasses Lilith's Bubblegum and Roses.

Immediately wet, this is a very similar scent in terms of the type of bubble gum - very pink, very fruity, very chewy. I'm not getting much other than the sweet fruit and even the powdery covering of the bubble gum (think... Bubble Tape... original. I can even taste it!) I'm searching for the rosin, but not really finding it... I'm sure it's probably there. I can detect something kind of sweet, syrupy, a little amber-y, tickling around at the edges.

It's remarkable how this reminds me of the smell of unchewed gum with the cornstarch powder sitting on top of it... surreal...

Even after a good ten to fifteen minutes I'm not getting a big change from the super realistic bubblegum scent. I think the rosin, sweet as it may be, complements the scent so well it's pretty seamless.

If you love Jailbait, Courtney, any of those types of scents, Pop!, Lil's BG and R... this is a very good cousin, pretty straightforward, but awesome.

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Much like the Motherhood fragrance, the bubblegum overwhelms any other notes on my skin. It's sweet, pink bubblegum with that powdery film around it. Fun, but I don't see myself wearing it, really. I'm more into cake, cocoa, and caramel as gourmands.

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Sweet, pink bubblegum, a touch of resin and powder. This one is a sweet, dusty candy blend.


This reminds me to a more grown up version of Jailbait. I sort of found Jailbait obnoxious. Perfect Fifths is slightly more refined.

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Lovely, sweet and slightly powdery bubblegum. Pretty much a bubblegum single note to me, either the bow rosin note has aged out or the bubblegum is just the more dominant note. 


As someone with a ton of BPAL bubblegums, this is great for when I just want pure bubblegum and no other notes. Could be great for layering too. Hopefully I can find a bottle!

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