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BPAL Madness!

Firethorn Berry Tea

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It’s a little bitter.

I’m afraid nothing gentle ever grows in this land, Edith – You need a measure of bitterness – not to be eaten. To survive…


This is an evil old lady perfume. I don’t mean that as an insult! It’s very evocative of beauty and resentment, something once glamorous that has turned into poison. Miss Havisham or Norma Desmond would wear this sort of perfume.

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Fresh from the mail, it is perfect. I only expect it to improve in the coming days as it settles from the long journey to me. At first smell in the bottle, it was pure, concentrated black tea made of currants with a slightly toxic quality shouting, "NO, THIS IS NOT FOR DRINKING!"

Upon application to skin it developed into a cool berry tea with a subtle undertone of vanilla. It reminds me very much of my pomegranate and vanilla tea from Republic of Tea. In fact, it smells just like it with a different fruity note instead of pom. I love it. It's wet and cool and delightfully fragrant like making iced tea you've steeped over night with three times the bags necessary. I'm not detecting the bitterness now that I've worn it, but it does smell delightful. Added a tiny smidge of the 13 that's all sugars and now this is magnificent. Smells like a fresh cup of tea is on my desk.

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