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    I collect Carnaval bottles, Noir and Diabolique, prototypes, anything! Shoot me a PM if you have anything to let go of. ALWAYS looking for Freak Show. Unreasonably obsessed with bpal's chocolate notes! foodie scents, boozy blends, opium smoke, citrus (lime/lemon), the more peculiar the combination the better!

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    bats, bruises, the color orange, ghost stories, bonfires, cold weather, books, anne rice, harry potter, makeup, art, and you. 🌙🔮
    (follow me on instagram (princefrightening) for sketchbook posts and other garbage!)
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  1. oddlittleghost

    Firethorn Berry Tea

    It’s a little bitter. I’m afraid nothing gentle ever grows in this land, Edith – You need a measure of bitterness – not to be eaten. To survive… First on this one! *I will update with wet/dry down impressions as soon as I get the chance to try it! In Bottle: :skull: Holy poison tea, Batman! This is the one CP that's throwing me the most so far. I chose this one on pure impulse because I am OBSESSED with tea notes, but this one is definitely on the bitter side. I'll be doing a skin test to decide if I want to keep it, but it's so hard to describe. It smells like a face mask I've gotten from LUSH in the past but I can't put my finger on which one. Sorry this one is so vague since there are no official notes listed from the lab either! It's very hard to describe! Let's just say a cup of tea I would be *highly* suspicious of.
  2. oddlittleghost

    Crimson Peak

    A house that breathes, that bleeds, and remembers. A house like this, in time can become a living thing with timber for bones and windows for eyes: snow marbled with blood-red clay, frozen over the scent of decayed wood. Woah buddy, first review! *I will update this with wet/dry down impressions as soon as I get the chance to try it! In Bottle: This is very clean smelling, and very very cold! Crimson Peak is my first personal brush with BPAL's infamous snow note, and it really lives up to expectations! It smells frigid and sharp, but undeniably fresh and clean. The red clay adds a deep level of something mysterious that is both lovely but equally bewildering. I can certainly picture this being the scent hanging in the air walking through the mansion gates in the winter time.
  3. oddlittleghost

    Sir Thomas Sharpe

    * I will update this with a wet/dry down review as soon as I get the chance to try it! Oh man, I love this. In Bottle: This is my favorite of the CP's I've smelled so far, definitely. It's very simple and almost understated. So much yummy amber and almost a slight sweetness that makes this wonderfully unisex but still leaning on the masculine edge. If you've seen the film, it fits the character quite well. Tempting, but just the littlest bit delicate!
  4. oddlittleghost

    Lady Lucille Sharpe

    Woohoo, second in line! *I'll update this with wet/dry downs when I try it! In Bottle: Holy smokes, okay. Let me start by saying I really detest most florals, but I loved her character and thought what the heck, and I am SO happy I did! It's definitely surprising, and the plum hits me the strongest right out of the bottle, which is great because roses really disagree with my nose. It smells almost velvety and it really reminds me of something from my childhood. Kinda like one of those grapey scented coloring markers? But in a good way!
  5. oddlittleghost

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    I've been casually looking for a BPAL/BPTP oil that smells similar to Lush's halloween exclusive Nightwing shower jelly. It's a very yummy lime that isn't too tart, but isn't too sweet either. I believe the label says lime and aloe.
  6. oddlittleghost

    Embalming Fluid Bonbon

    In bottle: dear sweet jesus, this is my dream. chocolate and lemon, two of my biggest weaknesses, and here I had previously thought it to be impossible to combine in any way that might work. it's like fresh lemon curd slathered over warm milk chocolate fudge. Wet: identical to the in bottle impression. Dry: the chocolate is definitely over-powered by the Embalming Fluid component within minutes. this has next to no lasting power or throw on me, but I wear it with an oil diffusing bracelet and it, chocolaty goodness included, lasts all day (and into the next). probably one of my favorite bpal scents, and I own backups.