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Recs for the prettiest scents

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I think the prettiest scents I own are delicate, sweet sugared florals with some feel of innocence. At least that's what I call to mind when I think of pretty, beautiful, pleasant, and delightful- more so than any other descriptive like 'gorgeous' or "glamorous". For this reason, I've omitted a bunch of scents which could otherwise share multiple categories (such as vanillic heavy borderline luscious Antique Lace, the playful Titania, barely sultry Bearded Lady, or even the darkly beautiful Lady Lucille Sharpe etc)




The Bride

Cascading Blossoms

Cave of Treasures

De Vos' Unicorn

The Girl

Hime Gyaru

Midnight on the Midway (OG)

Reflected Vulva

Serving Fish

Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree

Snow White

There is a Garden in Her Face

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My pretties:


Snow White

Antique Lace


Mouse's Long Sad Tale


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Sea of Glass (perfect hyacinth)

White Light, although that's technically TAL (pretty white floral)

Grief (perfect hyacinth)

Titania (fruits and lily of the valley)

Humanite (florals, neroli, vanilla, hyacinth)

Katharina (apricot and neroli)

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I agree with Celestia about sugared/creamy/ethereal florals being the prettiest scent category - and also with a lot of her list.


My "prettiest" scents:


De Vos's Unicorn (like soft, pale, pastel unicorn fur)

Cave of Treasures (heady-sweet lilacs in bloom)

Haloes (this isn't floral, but it's like the delicate, apricot-tinged spring/summer sibling of Antikythera Mechanism)

Beneath the Kotatsu (this edges into "beautiful"/too mature to be "pretty" territory for me because I associate white florals with my mother)

The Best Lies (the sweetest pink rose sugar-bomb ever, like an explosion of rosewater-flavored cotton candy)

Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds (soft, slightly-soapy rose with a hint of coconut. Like one of those fancy scented soaps shaped like a rose that you put in the guest bathroom but that no one ever uses because it's too pretty to mess up)

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My favourite 'pretty' scent is Die Begierde - despite the (gorgeous but boozy) cognac note it's still a lovely, sugary sweet pink rose. It's got amazing lasting power too, when my skin normally eats sweet scents in minutes!

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I have plenty of experience with scents that are stupidly pretty but not very me. The ones that immediately come to mind are Between Your Heart and Mine, Lullaby, Fairytales and Lies, and Touched Twice. I consider them 'girlfriend scents'!


But the ones I love that I'd probably consider 'pretty' scents are:


- Antique Lace

- Ava

- Black Lace

- The Bride

- The Girl

- Go To Sleep Darlings

- Reflected Vulva

- Signior Dildo

- Snow White

- The Waltz

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Current favourite "pretty" scent?

Zorya Polunochnaya


hands down.


I also think Pele is quite pretty - that may be the Southern dame in me, though: gardenias and dampness remind me of my home.

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