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BPAL Madness!

Epomophorus Monstrosus

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Black patchouli, tonka bean, mahogany bark, gurjum balsam, and decadent cacao absolute surrounded by two dark, feral musks and sweet sarsaparilla.


Mmm, dark chocolate cologne. Now there is a man I need in my life. This trends masculine and is very sexy. The cocoa doesn't dominate for long, but that wet phase is killer. An hour later, it's a rich blend of sweet dark patch and musk and woods with just a hint of chocolate and sarsparilla. It's down to a skin scent now, but I keep sniffing my wrist and fantasizing about meeting someone who smells like this. At a lecture, or a bookstore coffeeshop, but you know he goes hiking at night to look at the stars. So, anyway, I like.

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