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A new year’s blessing! Peony, China’s national flower, with bamboo for flexibility, Buddha’s Hand for introspective spiritual growth, plum blossom for perseverance, courage, and hope, coconut for camaraderie, chrysanthemum for a life free of grief and struggle, tangerine and orchid for wealth, orange for happiness, lychee for household peace, pine resin for constancy, golden kumquat, pussy willow, and quince for prosperity, sesame for sweetness, narcissus and King mandarin for good fortune, and peach blossom for longevity, with a splash of blazing red of dragon’s blood… to help you scare away the rampaging Nian.


In the imp: Very lemony - kind of reminds me of lemon pledge, actually. That makes me a little nervous...

Wet on skin: More like orange pledge now? Probably the mandarin and tangerine, though I've got a little bit of a floral edge to it now.

Dried down: I'ts not bad.... but it's still got that fruity cleaning product edge to it. And I'm not sure I want to smell like that.

Throw: barely any on me. Every once in awhile, I get a whiff of orange pledge, but that's about it. Honestly, I'm kind of glad it isn't stronger.

Verdict: ** 1/* ::Sigh:: Another one for the swaps, I suppose. I really ought to get some Fire Pig to test out - I don't quite remember how it works, but Fire is my inner or moon element or something, and I've always identified with it more than Air, anyway.

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Well, I thought I'd reviewed this in the past. Must be time to make up for it. I should add that I'm wearing this on a cold day, so it lasts longer for me. It also smells different than it did in the summertime. I like both of them, but here goes for the cold half of the year.

At the start, this is a very fruity scent on me. But, there is also a floral aspect to it. Meaning, I'm getting the citrus and the peony at the same time and it is blending nicely on me.

As it dries, I get less of the fruit and more peony. It is almost a single note peony on me. There is also a faint, very faint, bit of orchid.

Throughout the day, I mostly get whiffs of peony (will I stop trying to spell it as peopy?) and orchid but, the bamboo attempts to come out also. It is a very light scent as the day goes on.

I do like this scent. I will add the hot version over the summer since I can't remember how to explain it right now and I lost my notes about it. This scent does last long and works well in my bottle of argan oil that I keep for my hair for winter.

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Like all of the Lunar New Year scents I've had the chance to try so far (Fire Pig, Water Dragon, Wooden Goat, Fire Monkey), this is a very citrus forward scent on me. There's also gentle wafts of the florals floating in the background of the scent, predominantly the peony, but I'm getting the plum and peach blossoms and the chrysanthemum as well lightly.


The Buddha's hand is a really interesting note in this, and it definitely leads the citrus in a pleasant sort of sour direction. I definitely get the kumquat and tangerine as well though, and all of these are notes that I love.


I really appreciate that this does invoke the lacquer platters of dried and candied fruits that my foster family would put out during Lunar New Year (this is something shared in common between all the Lunar New Year scents for me so far).

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