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BPAL Madness!

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French vanilla, tot house orchids, strawberries, white sandalwood, bergamot, and honey.


In the Bottle: Oily cake, sweet and slightly plasticky.


Wet: Cakey, foody scent. It reminds me a little of lilith’s tea party. Smells like cheap, synthetic plastic with a very slight sweet note. The plastic slowly dissipates and it smells a little more gourmand, very slight foodie note now, still no sign of strawberries, the sweetness is a little creamy, I imagine that must be the vanilla but it’s really struggling to shine. The plastic cake note is pretty dominant in this.


Drydown: The cake note is coming out more. If I try really hard, I can sort of smell the strawberries now, but the cake note is more dominant, there is a bit of spice to this cake that comes from the white sandalwood- only by blending it all, it ends up smelling a little more like cassia, or cardamom. The strawberries are coming through now too, it reminds me of the strawberry from L’Essence de Engoument, they aren’t candy sweet and they don’t go plasticky. They balance out the cake note nicely. It’s quite close to the skin, not so much throw as I would have expected. I get a little more creaminess from the orchids, the florals are barely there – I imagine the French vanilla is what’s trying to boost the profile of these otherwise not-so-sweet notes, and it comes through a lot more into the forefront during the drydown stage. It’s not a strong vanilla though, it’s lightly sweetened, and a little floral- not heavy like bourbon. I think this is the custard aspect of this vanilla note, kind of like the vanilla I got from egg nog 2007 and not at all like the thicker, richer vanilla in Celeste…It’s delicate and beautiful. I really thought the strawberries would shine more haha…maybe after 4 hours? Cross fingers LOL.


TL;DR: Light custardy, gently floral, slightly creamy vanilla ...with a bit of spice.

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I was trying this on my right wrist with De Vos' Unicorn on my left, and compared to DVU, Kitty is lower pitched, an adult contralto instead of a girlish soprano. I love it. I had a strawberry fail recently with Diligent Instruction for the Bridal Night, but the strawberries here are a little more tart (bergamot? I didn't make out the bergamot otherwise) and just gorgeous with the vanilla and sandalwood and what I would say is a darker honey, not a pale one. It lasted quite a while on me, with low throw (which is average for me). Did I mention I love it?

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Wet: Warm (and completely decadent smelling)vanilla, with orchid and strawberries. (The richness of the vanilla might be a mix of the vanilla + honey, but nothing is reading as a straight honey note to me.)


Dry: Warm vanilla is still the queen, with just a touch of strawberry. The orchid is pretty light, but it's still present as well. (So strongest to least: vanilla, strawberry, orchid.) The bergamot never showed his(her?) face, but I don't think I'm necessarily missing it.


This is like a classier, more elegant version of a foodie scent. So good.

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