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The Transeo are vampires that have assimilated into human society, often reaching positions of power. Among the Transeo there are many celebrated politicians, scientists, businessmen, philosophers, artists, writers, and musicians, and, surprisingly, a large number of influential clergy and militarists. Not every Transeo is an illustrious public figure; many simply desire the comforts associated with reentering society. In the past, most Transeo posed as humans as best they could, concealing their true natures. In the twenty-first century, more and more Transeo are coming out in the open, and they form the backbone of most vampire-acceptance movements.

GA cologne that (almost) blends well into human society: benzoin, orange blossom, cumin, King mandarin, gaiac wood, juniper berry, Calabrian bergamot, Ceylon cinnamon, and blood camouflaged by wine.


Wet: this smells more like dried roses to me, with a hint a blood. This does smell kinda antiquey and old.


Drydown: sweet, dried roses. The weird tang in the background is there. I can't pinpoint any one scent. This is interesting, but not for me.

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Transeo is much more floral on me than I expected. Orange blossom and wine are the two most identifiable notes for me, and they are both problematic on my skin. So instead of the spicy woods and citrus with a little bloody wine I was hoping for, it's more blossoms and red wine and everything else is muted. This is a skin chemistry fail on me.

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