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BPAL Madness!

Blackberry Jam & Scones

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Blackberry jam and… scones.


I wanted a bottle of this when it was first released but it sold out and I wasn't ever able to get my hands on one..until now! :wub2:

Blackberry Jam and Scones starts out with big, realistic smelling berries which melts into a buttery, cake-like pastry note. As it dries, it becomes more sugared smelling. I literally smell like a bakery right now. This stuff is so good. :heart:

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Wet: Very sweet, concentrated blackberry jam. A hint of vanilla that may be from the "scones'. I know from experience that it takes this type of scent a bit to settle on my skin. Could go to plastic, could be awesome. Hard to say.



Dry: I wasn't sure about this while it was drying. It's very very sweet at first, but it's settled down a bit, and now it's fairly pleasant. I love blackberry so much, and had had high hopes for this. I am just not sure how much I love it at this point. I may need to wear it for a full day.

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In the bottle: Light blackberries, a hint of floral, not getting the scones aspect at all.


Wet on skin: Less of the floral (which I can’t pick out what flowers, my nose isn’t that educated) and the scones make an appearance. It’s not a heavy bread smell, but light and flaky.


Drydown: The scones fade back out, and the floral comes back to play, until this becomes a light berry-flowery smell that manages to be muted, but not powdery.


I really enjoy this.

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In the decant: Whoa, there’s lots of blackberry jam piled onto these scones.


Wet: Okay, I do get more of the scone note on my skin than I did in the decant. The blackberry jam is still the dominant note, but now it’s easier to smell the scones underneath it. The scones themselves smell like they have flour on the bottom from being baked on a flour-dusted cookie sheet. I believe these scones are sugar-crusted, too!


Dry: The blackberry jam continues to be the main player, but I can still smell the scones.


A few hours later, I also getting some creaminess… is there clotted cream on these scones? If so, I wish there were more. I think there may also be some rose in this, but maybe my skin is just doing something odd with the blackberry jam note by this point, which isn’t jam-like anymore.


Verdict: If you are a fan of The Knave of Hearts, you’ll probably enjoy this, although it has a different fruit note and features floury scones instead of buttery tarts. I am really glad that I got to try this one, as I adore scones, and it is one of the WKAP scents that I have been wanting to try! I will be keeping my decant, and I think I’ll pair it with Eat Me hair gloss, but I don’t need to hunt down a bottle of this.

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