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Wet, this starts off like cherries or almonds (I tend to get them confused), but now I can determine that this is almond. I get spice, too, cinnamon-like, but not quite. And then the gentle waft of orange. Not the orange that screams sharp, but a gentle, true-to-life orange, like when the trees are full of oranges, ripe and ready for picking. I'm not a fan of orange, but this is very nice. And the spice? Clove...in fact this smells like an orange with whole cloves, like a pomander. It's very reminiscent of BPTP's A Ghost of Christmas Past atmo spray. Close to the skin she stays, and although this is something I never would have tried if I had a description, I would recommend this as a autumnal or winter scent, and I am very glad to have tried this. I would love a partial bottle for when I need a comfort scent.

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I absolutely love this scent! I got an imp with a gift from a friend, and of the 15-20 scents I've tried from BPAL it is my favorite. This thread has been helpful with identifying the various notes, so I know what to look for in currently available scents.

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