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  1. CrackedRose

    Scents and colors

    So the premise here is simple: I want to find fragrances that evoke certain colors in one's mind. In particular I want something that smells electric blue, but I'm curious what other scents people might associate with colors.
  2. Both bottles arrived safe and sound! I would love more if anyone has it.
  3. CrackedRose


    I absolutely love this scent! I got an imp with a gift from a friend, and of the 15-20 scents I've tried from BPAL it is my favorite. This thread has been helpful with identifying the various notes, so I know what to look for in currently available scents.
  4. I will take it from both of you, if you have it.
  5. Shub-Niggurath sounds like my best bet there, but I will definitely update after I try them all and let you know. I plan to wear Decadence for my wedding in a couple weeks, so if I can find something close to it, it would be very special to me.
  6. Awesome! I think I know what my next round of imps will be.
  7. I have an imp that is probably a decade old for a fragrance called Decadence. I have no idea what's in it, and I don't have very much left. A friend of mine thinks that it might have vervain in it (whatever that is). Does anyone remember this scent or have a description of it? I would love to get something similar as it is my favorite of every BPAL fragrance I've ever tried. TL;DR: Decadence - what's in it? Can you recommend something similar?