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BPAL Madness!

The Emathides

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Gleaming eyes, screeching voices, glistening wings: black amber, black orchid, black currant, olive blossom, wood violet, lavender, blue musk, rose attar, and cedar.


Decant imp

Wet: very sweet. It's almost like there is a sugar note lurking in the back of this. Lots of floral and no cedar yet.

On my skin: Hello Amber. Amber and I get along really well so I guess that is why it showed up so quickly. That sugar note is back too and very strong. I am picking up on lavender as well as other floral notes. This is not so bad. Cedar finally made her appearance and while usually I hate cedar she is playing very well in this scent. She gives a sort of earthy vibe to this that levels all the sweetness out.

A few hours in: This has really awesome staying power and I have already gotten two compliments. Of course this has to be crazy limited edition and probably no real hope of me scoring a bottle.

Why do we always want what we can't have?

I will cling to this imp like a zombie survivor clings to a baseball bat. Maybe one day this little gem will come back. This is seriously one hell of a scent. I am totally in love with it.

Oh also over the course of several hours this scent just gets stronger on me. It's so strong and pretty. I wonder is this is because this is a really aged imp?

I want a big bottle :cry2:

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Bottle from a Forum swap. Amber & blue musk were the notes that drew me to look for this blend.  Black amber, olive blossom, lavender, blue musk, rose attar, and cedar are all notes of win for me.  Black orchid, black currant, & wood violet are unknown quantities, though violet is usually a good 'un. 

Since this has aged since 2007, it's smooth as silk; no trace of "screechy". I like aged BPAL ambers best. It's got a creamy vibe. 

Verdict: the smooth, sweet musk + amber make this a winner, with pleasant, undemanding florals as an accent. The cedar stays far in the background on me. Very good, I'm glad I was able to get this!

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I'm not sure what i had this confused with, but i was expecting like a peachy-apricot scent. Definitely not that. In the bottle i distinctly smell the rose, which really confused me but that was what was there. Freshly on the rose disappears. This is sweet but to my nose i would call this more unisex. If i had to label it, it would be slightly more on the side of cologne only because, despite the bouquet listed in the notes this is not a very floral perfume. The lavender and rose are very tame. I feel that the only very present floral is the olive blossom cause there is a smooth, clean, creaminess that i definitely associate with olive, it's the same from defututa. I think that and the cedar dominate the florals, although the cedar is also not distinct to me. It sort of is freshly on but more of a tone than a note and it fades quickly. I've been on an amber kick recently i guess which is funny cause i actually choose randomly. The amber is definitely noticeable as an overall powdery base and also i think as part of the sweetness that prevents this from becoming totally masculine. Long lasting with a stronger throw on me, staying pretty consistent for like 3 hours before the top notes started to go. Interestingly, as the florals and sweetness faded the blackcurrant came out. I didn't really pick it up before that. It was faint, especially cause i wore it to work and probs sweated most off, but there was the distinct, sweet, none specific fruitiness coming out over the powderiness.

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A kind forum friend gave me an Emathides partial, not something I would necessarily have chosen as some of the floral notes can be problematic.  This bottle is now about 15 years old, and any rough edges, any screeching voices or horny beaks, have long been mellowed away.  It's hard to identify specific notes here.  Some amber, yes, and some dark fruit, and something darkly floral, though no specific floral notes are recognizable to me, not even the rose.  It's not about the parts anymore.  It's about a deep, purply, velvety, femme fatale whole that seems very classic BPAL to me.  

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