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  1. Erinofhere

    Ella Hair Gloss

    Allow me to sing some praises of a Post creation that has gotten me more compliments then any HG before it (Including silky bat which is a big deal) Ella you beautiful thing! Notes include: Louisiana's olive blossom and magnolia swirled with blueberries its a whirling cloud of happiness that has major throw and longevity. Get some. It's not super fruity but not super floral either. It's that olive blossom, it just turns this blend into hair magic! It's pretty, feminine and layers so well with so many things (Today its Morocco) I have a decant, I will be getting the full bottle. Trust me ya'll need Ella in your life
  2. Erinofhere

    Abandoned Car Atmosphere Spray

    This is very much "old car". That musky slightly oily smell that you get when you climb into a car that has been sitting for awhile. Dusty, unused, mechanically not sound, just old with probably rust and mice living somewhere in it. And having said all of that I LOVE THIS!! I actually sort of like the smell of old cars. Not sure why. I played in them tons when I was a kid so maybe it put me back into that sort of memory but this is big bottle worthy.
  3. Erinofhere

    Deserted Theater Atmosphere Spray

    So beautiful. Evocative and deep and so refined. I get beeswax and floral mixed with resins and dark wood and ancient hints of expensive perfume all swelled up together and lingering on the velvet fabrics throughout. Simply beautiful and a true masterpiece in fragrance form.
  4. Erinofhere

    Bobbing for Apples

    Wow! How perfect. This captures bobbing for apples to the T. Ripe red/yellow gorgeous apples mixed with water. It's so refreshing and clean smelling. I think this would make a wonderful hair gloss. Lasting power is only a few hours, but still bottle worthy. I'm a sucker for a good apple smell and this is sheer perfection.
  5. Erinofhere

    Plastic Pumpkin Candy Tub

    [No additional description provided.] It's a hard little number to figure out. First what caught my attention wasn't a plastic smell at all. It was the orange smell. Slightly diluted by something else but very much there. It reminded me more of orange suckers then actual orange. Then after a bit the chemical smell showed up. It smelled like a cross between soft plastic and what reminds me of electrical tape. Ok so after a bit it turns into the smell of a plastic pumpkin that has been sitting with no candy in it for a few days. The candy smell lingers a bit (Orange suckers) but it's mostly chemical. I'm sort of sad about this one. I was hoping for that huge candy smell (Bubble gum, kit kats, those orange and black peanut butter candies, Jolly Ranchers, etc.) mixed with the plastic fume that you get by smashing your face into the pumpkin opening. Long lost childhood memories.
  6. Erinofhere

    Blood Squib

    Cherry cough drops. Very good staying power I could smell it hours later. Was hoping for a sharper cleaner cherry smell like smelling maraschino juice. This to me really was more on the medicine side.
  7. Erinofhere

    Dark Chocolate, Black Tea, and Patchouli Hair Gloss

    Let me just say this is only my view of this blend and your mileage will probably be different. It's the chocolate man, and I know I'm on a very small team of people that don't enjoy the smell. If you enjoy the smell this would be right up your alley. The dark chocolate smells exactly like a very dark chocolate bar. That sharp pungent smell is pretty much all I can smell at first. Eventually the tea shows up but it doesn't lend anything to the blend other then a bit more sharpness. The patchouli is over shadowed by the chocolate so much that I hardly can detect it. As another poster above mentioned, it does turn into a slightly chocolate powder smell. Does anyone else get "wet dog mixed with saliva" when they smell chocolate or is that just me? Probably just me.
  8. ME TOO! I have yet to find anything that smells even close to Black Chamomile. It's so wonderful. On MUA someone said Henri Bendel's Wild Fig is a wash for it. It's true. It's very similar but not an exact copy. It's a discontinued scent but they brought it back for the holidays. I got the trio rollerball set last month so I can confirm it's the same BC smell. The HB SA said they sometimes bring it back for the holidays but not a guarantee. As for BPAl substitute, I have no idea. I'm a month old newbie. Just giving people a heads up if ya didn’t already know They have re-released Black Chamomile for a limited time. It's just in lotion form (in the black bottle) no scrubs, oil or soak etc. The girl I spoke with said she didn’t know how long they would have it. To my nose it smells the same as it used to. Love that stuff so much. I've got 3 bottles hoarded away now.
  9. Erinofhere

    Dorian Hair Gloss

    It took me forever to like Dorian. It has to be aged at least a year before I enjoy it. Before that year mark it's almost too masculine for me to wear; however my husband says it’s too girlie on him to wear. At a year mark, it's perfect for me. It's still not wearable for him. The HG on the other hand smells like aged Dorian with a bit more vanilla cologne thrown in. It's going to be too heavy for me most of the time, unlike other people’s reactions; to me this version of Dorian is very heavy. The good thing is that it's a version of Dorian that the Mr. can wear. He really likes it in the HG and it’s great for his beard.
  10. Erinofhere

    Mary Shelley

    Color me shocked! I have been under the illusion that I didn't care for the smell of wormwood. I guess I was wrong, because It's heavy in this scent and I am loving it. This is very fresh smelling and woud be very good for hot weather. It smells clean but in a heavy soapish or downy way. It just smells fresh and clean. It does not last long and that's a pity. If it lasted longer I would get a bottle.
  11. Erinofhere

    Autumn - Overlooked My Knitting

    I sort of thought this would wind up smelling like snuggling under a warm blanket. A soft cozy scent perfect for fall/winter days at home reading. What I got was nothing at all relaxing or even remotely "knitted" or grey. Bummer. This smells a bit like fabric refresher and my laundry room. Not in the snuggly downy way....no this reminds me of a room where all your cleaning products are kept mixed with a good dose of fabric and dryer lint. Now after a bit it turns into a very pretty smelling generic body spray. Not something I want in my BPAL but not stinky or gross either. It leaves me just meh...
  12. Erinofhere

    Morocco Hair Gloss

    I do the exact same thing with Morocco! So weird. Some days I cannot smell it at all. Other days it's strong. Sometimes when I wear it, it has no throw. Other times it forms a veritable force field around me. The HG is the same. The exact same. When I got the decant, I could not smell anything at all. This morning not only could I smell it but now sitting here at my desk it's all I can smell. (Of course I paired it with the oil so that probably helps things). Morocco is just beautiful and one of my favorite GC (when you can smell it). So glad I have this decant and will be seeking out the full HG bottle.
  13. Erinofhere

    Shub-Niggurath Hair Gloss

    I don't know what Shub smells like in oil form. If it smells close to the HG version I'm sold. This is like freshly cut ginger with heavy spices. To me it doesn't smell a thing like gingerbread. It smells like your kitchen would if you have been cutting up ginger, Reminds me more of ginger in the form of tea (with lemon and honey) than any baked good. It's also pretty strong and I'm wondering if my hair amps ginger or something because when I wear it, it's all I smell all day long. Anytime I move my head I get hit with a wall of ginger. I am going to get many uses out of my decant this fall.
  14. Erinofhere

    Black Vanilla and Cardamom Hair Gloss

    This is just beautiful (but fleeting). Heavy dark raw vanilla backed up with sultry tobacco and heavy on the Oude. The cardamom/cinnamon note is there but adds just a bit more sweetness to the blend. This is just so sexy! But then...poof...it's gone.
  15. Erinofhere

    Egg Moon

    Decant from forum: I just want to pour this over ice cream or something. Normally I really don't like cinnamon as a note. I love eating it but wearing it reminds me too much of the spice rack or oven so I pass on it. In Egg Moon it's just about perfect. This is dessert resin, sexy as hell and strong. Foodie but not your regular type of foodie. Gourmand is probably the word I am looking for here. Not so much a spring/summer scent but come fall/winter...this would be wonderful. I may have to track down a bottle.