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Blessing of Isis

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Use this blend to reignite passion and ardor in couples whose feelings for one another have waned through time and familiarity.


In the bottle

Oh my. This is orangey, and herbal, not sweet at all. There may be some frankincense or a Kephri like mix in here. Medium strong with the egyptian herbs but would be absolutely loved by the folks who like orange blends I think. Not too often get to smell orange with herbs much. It's a great combination.


This has some spice in it perhaps, as a handful of Beth's spices go straight to my tummy and start a warming process there. Cinnamon does that and pepper too. This isn't quite as strong as cinnamon nor pepper though, I'm not sure what it could be, some kind of camphor-like egyptian herbal. And a definite smokiness.

30 minutes

The scent on my wrist is turning from bright and sparkly citrus to dark, smokey, herby and citrus. I am totally and utterly addicted to this. I must have huffed it deeply like 45-65 times now during this review. lol.



Scent category:



Starts out bright and crystalline-pure and dries to a lovely, smoky, herby citrus.

Purchase again?

Yes, as a working oil because it is very much as if Isis herself has blessed the surroundings. I get a strong sense of calm. Tthat sounds kind of confusing but you know what I mean, a large presence, albeit a quietly powerful one...there's cleansing, loving, darkly feminine almost emotional energy. Definitely a divine energy. Okay, I guess I'm a glutton now, I selfishly put it on on another arm so I could smell it wet again and go through the whole process over again. :P This is a powerful blend and I do feel feel fortunate to have an opportunity to try a blend as divine feeling and orange smelling as this one.

1-5 rating (5 being best)


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Blessings of Isis


In the imp: light patchouli with a bit of sweetness, and maybe a hint of, dare I say it, civet? My nose must be off…I also get resinous notes, and something smouldering and incense like, and some vetiver.

Wet on skin: patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver are now the dominant notes-and also something sweet. I also get a hint of incense.

Dry: hmm, interesting. I don’t get the sweet, fruity kyphi incense scent I was expecting, but I do get incense-with sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, vetiver and patchouli, and possibly some cedar, smouldering and smoking on an ancient censer. It’s a scent that reminds me of bonfires and autumn, but it’s warmer and more shadowy. It’s a dark, mysterious scent. I also get civet here. Luckily I’m one of the lucky few who can tolerate this feral little note in small amounts, like in here-I’m not getting a ‘bad breath’ reaction. But I swear there’s civet in here. This does resemble a less animalistic, more incense like Fire of Love, actually, which seems fitting with the scent’s purpose.

After a while: holy civet! I’m getting a load of civet from this after 30 mins…with the dark undertones of smoky incense and vetiver. This incense/vetiver scent reminds me a little bit of Djinn, it’s very smoky and bonfire like.

This intense civet then goes down, replaced by intense, dark vetiver with the scent of the ashes of the remaining incense. I’ve noticed a lot of TAL scents have a base of vetiver, I’d be interested in knowing the magickal qualities of this particular note.

The drydown after a few hours is a dead ringer for Helping Hand-warm, dark vetiver and tobacco. It’s quite a comforting scent.

Verdict (scent): warm, dry, woody, darkly resinous, smoky, unisex and a little bit animalistic, that’s what this scent is like. Totally not what I expected from an oil named after this great mother goddess…but Isis is a goddess of many facets and aspects. The scent seems to fit in with the oil’s purpose, it reflects Isis’s darker and more sexual aspects as opposed to her 'divine mother' aspect. I get dark resins, ashy tobacco and vetiver in here, the scent is very smoky indeed. And then there’s the civet adding a feral twist to the scent. This scent does have something sexual about it in both scent and feel, and to me it’s a cross between Fire of Love and Helping Hand-both scents and purposes. Scent wise, I like it, it’s an interesting scent but to be honest, I was a little bit taken aback by it-it wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s not for me. Purpose wise, right now I don’t need this oil for it’s intent as I am not in a relationship that has faded and needs rekindling, and smelling this oil has made me realise that this scent isn’t meant for me just yet. So I’m putting it up for swap or sale to someone who needs it more.

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I have a great fondness for the Egyptian pantheon so I was looking forward to trying this scent. It's not what I expected at all, though. I thought it would be soft and bright, but it's sharp and herbal. I think it's the same herb used in Concentration but much more of it. This is actually rather unpleasant on my skin, so it's off to the swap pile.


I'm sorry I can't be more indepth but that sharp herb note is proving hard to place for little 'ole me. :/

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Having been with my husband for over five years now, I was especially interested to try this for its rekindling effect.


It smells like: incense and herbs, with a very pleasant orange overtone. It's slightly powdery, which makes me think maybe there's some kind of resin in there. I can't get more descriptive than that because I can't really tell what's in it. It's bright and smoky at the same time, and the herbs are actually somewhat gentle. I wouldn't want it to be any sharper. Over time it becomes mainly incense with a bit of sweetness.


The impression it makes one me: It reminds me of comfort with a twist. Like the night my husband wore Geek for the first time -- he was still him, but he smelled all new and good and very intriguing.


I enjoy this scent, and I like the way it makes me feel.

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Straight out of the bottle, I smell something that reminds me of Greed.

Vetivert, perhaps? Smoky, greenish, with a hint of musk way in back. The throw is strong for me (my chemistry normally keeps scents close).

Very definitely a herbal scent, but a 'dry' herbal scent. Normally 'herbal' to me can have a feeling of damp forest, but this scent doesn't.

There's something that reminds me of smudging with sage. Not the scent, exactly, but a feel on the palate -- a tingling, almost? I had my nose rather close to my wrist to help concentrate on the oil and focus myself, which could be part of the reason for the tingle.

This isn't my usual sort of scent. I love foody scents, and hated Greed -- vetivert (if that's what is in here) is a loathe-scent for me. But the scent isn't the reason for this oil!




It's not a bow-chicka-wow-wow sort of feeling -- don't expect Spanish Fly. Rather, it's allowing me to focus on the reasons I love my partner -- the things that I don't normally appreciate as often as I should. It's helping me pay attention to the things I forget.



My partner will be home in about ten minutes; I'll update once the evening is over.

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Ok, so I'm not really a "ritual" girl... but I was totally intrigued by the TAL oils in general, and really wanted to try this one out. After almost 7 years, life does get a bit... robotic.


I put this in my oil burner (in melted wax, so I could re-use it)... the smell is strong. People are saying patchouli, and I thought incense... so that is probably right. It wasn't a bad smell, but not one typical for me... but that isn't the point of it, right?


the boyfriend came home from work, and we actually had a nice pleasant evening... he seemed happier and touchy-feelier/love-ier than usual. Was it the oil? Not sure... but it could've been! So, thus, I say this worked! I figure if i believe it worked, it will work... and maybe we'll do something extra fun and romantic this weekend because, if anything, it made me feel happier about our life in general.


the power of the mind... hehe. :P

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Blessings of Isis – I am basing this review on the scent alone, and not on its intended purpose. Sniffed fresh in the bottle, it’s strong and bitter, and to me, not remotely pleasant. When I apply it to my skin, it instantly becomes an herbal-patchouli blend. It’s strong, dark, and bitter. I don’t like this blend in the least. Herbs are fine in some blends. Patchouli is fine in even fewer blends. Herbs and patchouli together make for a blend that smells rank on my skin. After about an hour or so of wearing it, the scent starts becomes no more pleasant, but for some reason, I find that I’m oddly attracted to the scent. It is at this point, as well, that another dark note peeks through – I can’t tell if it’s frankincense, myrrh, or possibly even vetiver, but it’s dark and husky. The blend also becomes just the tiniest touch musky at this point, as well. It lasts for hours on my skin, although it stays very close to my skin unless I’m incredibly and my body warms up, and then I can smell light wafts of it around me. It’s definitely not my favorite blend, but I think I’ll probably keep an imp of it just in case I ever need to use it with intent.

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This smells like a mix of earthy, powdery vetiver and sweet oranges. Strong and has a lot of throw. It doesn't smell awful, but it's not something that I'd normally wear as a perfume. Goes very powdery on me after a while.


I have been wearing Blessing of Isis and using it as a room scent since my boy came back from New York. He was gone for months and I wanted something to comfort me as we went through the process of connecting with each other again.


Strangely, the one day that I actually wore this when the boy came to visit, we ended up getting tangled up in an old issue of ours... rekindled an old (I don't want to call it a problem, but for lack of a better word) problem that we had. It didn't go badly though. I got weepy again and he completely softened towards me in that way where I just felt really in tune with and protected by him.


At the time I really did feel like we went back a couple years with each other in terms of our emotions. Interesting.

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As a scent, Blessing of Isis is Constant Comment meets patchouli, sandalwood and amber. It is a very heady, rich oil that lasts and lasts. If this were solely a scent oil, I would wear it daily


AS a ritual oil, this is AMAZING! I've been married for 14 years (with the boy since 1989) and lately things have not been good. I put a little Blessing of Isis on before our "date" and for the first time in months, everything was good. No fighting, no disappointment, no sadness. Just good, clean, giggly fun.

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I've just recently got my hands on a wee lil imp of this, nearly ordered this untested (seeing how effective the majority of the TALs that have come through my hands have been), but I figured that as I'm already waiting for my first TAL order, I'll be good and wait first...


In the imp, it's patchouli (I'm getting better at picking that one out of everything), something earthy, and a hint of orange, not unlike the orange that I got from Amor, actually.


Wet on skin, the patchouli tries to back off, as something kind of ... earthy and roasted herbal. The orange is still there to brighten things up though.


Once dry, the scent is intriguing. It does smell of something that's also in Concentration, but in a much larger quantity.


Intent-wise, well it's just the beginning of the day, I'm awake because a headache wouldn't let me sleep anymore .... shall have to come back later (:

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I hadn't been feeling too cheerful the past several weeks, and recently got into a little fight with my boyfriend very trivial. It was unrelated feelings, lack of communication, mixed with stubborn personalities. I was anxious and nervous to meet with him, and I wore Blessing of Isis on my wrists with the idea that doing so would help things to go smoothly. We didn't dwell on the problem and acknowledged we both needed to move on. I felt more inclined to approach him physically and open up emotionally, something that had been stifled lately. Things went very well and I felt more comfortable and happier around him than I had in weeks. :)


Scent-wise, this oil seems on the strong herbal side, but it does get softer and less sharp as time passes.

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I posted a comment in the TAL discussion area, but thought I'd make one here as well. Blessing of Isis has seemed to work remarkably well and promptly towards helping my partner and me reconnect in the bedroom. The first time I used it, within days of actually receiving it, I dressed and burned a candle with the oil and focused on reviving the romance and "teh sexy" in our relationship.... did this two nights in a row, prior to the third night, when I was expecting him home from a business trip. That third night, when I got home from work, he was waiting there, ready to jump me... something that hadn't occurred in the past several months. I don't usually have this prompt a response from my ritual work, and while we were both aware of our drought and likely already thinking about ending it, Isis may have just been the nudge we needed to get us there. It was certainly unexpected, exciting, and most welcome!


ETA: Smell notes... not really my fave, gonna leave it on the candles. Heavy, herbal/musky? and makes me think a bit of Smut, which is the only BPAL so far that made me run screaming (figuratively) once reacting with my chemistry.

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I talked about this at greater length in the TAL Workings thread (so I apologize if you're seeing it twice), but I ordered Blessing of Isis in the hopes of strengthening a relationship that is still very strong in the "companionable" department but has lost a lot of its romantic/sexual zing due to a big pile of mundane factors. I got it in yesterday, and since the boy and I were going out to a nice dinner with friends, I decided to get started. I did a little ritual/prayer to Isis, with whom I already have some degree of relationship, to talk about what I wanted, and anointed myself with the oil.


Review: Efficacy

(To be updated as I continue using it)

First day: I noticed two big things. One was that when he arrived, after the ritual but almost certainly before he'd really gotten a big whiff of the scent, I was bustling around grabbing my coat, bag, etc. when the boy said, "Come here for just a minute." I set all the stuff down and he said "I love you. I don't tell you often enough." and swept me into a big Hollywood kiss. ETA: He was also a little more touchy-feely, like arm-around-shoulder, during the night than usual.


The other thing I noticed, at dinner: There's a woman in our friend group who's been flirting with boy lately. I don't actually think she means anything by it, but it's really been irking me and we've had a few conversations about it. She was at this dinner and gave me a hug, and when she did, I got the strongest burst of the Blessing of Isis scent that I had all night. It felt strongly protective, like Isis was saying, "She won't have him." This woman ended up leaving the dinner really early.


Update 11/23/14: more progress toward a more passionate relationship has occurred. ;)


Review: Scent


At first sniff in the bottle, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to put it on--it's really strong and just smelled...weird. But I really wanted to use it for its magical properties, so I figured I'd use just a small amount and see what developed. The oil is bright orange. When it first went on, it smelled of orange and of some darker herbs that hadn't differentiated themselves yet. The orange seemed to evaporate quickly, leaving behind a scent dominated by sandalwood and a very woody patchouli. If it reminded me of anything from the GC, it's Anne Bonny. As I've always liked Anne Bonny, this is OK by me! As I only used a little, and didn't use it in my usual "perfume" spots, I mostly got the scent in random wafts throughout the night, and they were very pleasant.


Update 2/11/15: As the months pass, this oil is starting to become a little peanut-buttery in scent. I think maybe it's red musk amping up as it ages. Red musk doesn't normally do the PB thing on me, but it did in Sed Non Satiata, and what's happening here is similar.


Thank you, Lab, for making this oil for me to use. :wub3:

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