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  1. Eunice


    Before this became a GC, I decided not to track an imp down after seeing the price it was going for. But oh the Shub, how I love you! In the bottle, this smells like a gingered lemon. More of a lemongrass lemon scent than the lemon fruit. The lemongrass plays an interesting part when paired with the gingers. And this is so gingery! The lemongrass keeps the ginger from being too heavy. I get a little bit of a resin scent but not much. I can't believe how good this gets on my skin after some time has passed. It's so very sexy. This is exactly how I want spicy scents to smell on me. Anything I have tried with cinnamon before just never really worked on my skin but the cinnamon paired with the ginger and lemongrass is pure lust. Sweet and sexy!!
  2. Eunice

    Blessing of Isis

    As a scent, Blessing of Isis is Constant Comment meets patchouli, sandalwood and amber. It is a very heady, rich oil that lasts and lasts. If this were solely a scent oil, I would wear it daily AS a ritual oil, this is AMAZING! I've been married for 14 years (with the boy since 1989) and lately things have not been good. I put a little Blessing of Isis on before our "date" and for the first time in months, everything was good. No fighting, no disappointment, no sadness. Just good, clean, giggly fun.
  3. Eunice


    Oh my goodness, this is NICE! I had put off acquiring an imp of this but since I just received one from my Switch Witch I had to give it a shot. Patchouli is my number one favorite note but I'm not one for fruity scents so this wasn't high on my list to try. Oh, was I ever wrong! The patchouli isn't soft and gentle at all. This is dark and earthy. And paired with the light, sweet and tart scent of apricot, well, it is an excellent pairing. The apricot keeps the patchouli from being too dark and heavy while the patchouli keeps the apricot from being too sweet and cloying. So big big thanks to my Switch Witch, I now have to get a large bottle of this in my next BPAL order!
  4. Eunice


    In the bottle and the first few minutes on my skin Namaste is very strongly lemongrass and sandalwood. After some time the lemongrass fades and the cedarwood comes out. Cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli are excellent together. I never get the rose or jasmine but the drydown to cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli is divine. I am in love with Namaste and only wish the lemongrass had stuck around longer.
  5. Eunice

    Chaste Moon 2005

    When I first put this on I was immediately reminded of almond milk. The scent is so creamy and rich and almondy. After the drydown however, Chaste Moon goes all floral and vanilla sweet.
  6. Eunice

    Wilhelmina Murray

    This is lightly rose scented but it isn't entirely girly. The sandalwood and resin makes this a more mature rose scent. After some time the blackcurrant comes out. I'm seconding what hangingfire said about this being more of a "League of Extraordinary Gentleman Mina" rather than a Bram Stoker Mina. I don't get light and innocent from this at all. And this is much better than anything I could have anticipated.
  7. Eunice


    Creepy is all about pumpkin butter on buttered toast and a glass of apple cider. I can make out the coconut if I focus. This is one foody scent that seems to work for me. The scent sort of sneaks up on you. It isn't overwhelming at all. Lovely creamy sweet goodness!
  8. Eunice

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    I can't make out a singe sugary note. To me, MotM is like a light floral and pine incense. It does get the tiniest bit sweet after about 10 minutes but mostly this is pine trees, flowers and headshop. A nice scent but just not what I was expecting.
  9. Eunice


    This is a very green oil in color and scent. Like everyone has reviewed, Hemlock smells strongly of fir/pine but not like a tall tree. This is an earthy, low pine scent. I don't think I'd wear this as a perfume but I'd happily burn this as a room scent.
  10. Eunice


    I thought the rose was my favorite flower in these oils but violet is pushing its way to be front runner. Nocturne smells like purple and green. All violet and lilac and tuberose. There's no denying the notes in this.
  11. Eunice


    This smells overpoweringly like alcohol in the imp and wayyyy too mango sweet and boozy on my skin. No patchouli at all for me. *sigh* Edit: Well, dang if this doesn't get better the longer it's on my skin! NOw I get the patchouli overpowering the mango in such a nice way
  12. Eunice


    I received this as a frimp and based on the ingredients, not something I would have chosen for myself. However, this is really rather lovely. The orange isn't foody, more like an undernote to the copal and incense. The plumeria isn't showing itself which makes me happy since I discovered it's a migraine trigger. This smells like a winner!
  13. Eunice

    Night's Pavilion

    So much lovely incensy floral. This is like a sweet, bright incense softened by lily. Night's Pavilion reminds me of an updated old lady perfume. Hip but refined.
  14. Eunice

    La Fée Verte

    I just wish I could have bought a bottle of this while it was available. I can't make out any individual notes but overall this is lightly sweet with white flowers, a touch of powder that I always think of as bee pollen and a little lemon balm.
  15. Eunice

    Harvest Moon 2006

    harvest Moon is all about the apple in the bottle but when I put some on my skin, it morphs into something totally about the fall. So many ingredients in this, you'd think you'd be overwhelmed but the combination of everything is so amazing and light and crisp. This smells just like the fall with the leaves and fall flowers and fruits. I worried about the fruitiness of this but shouldn't have. Harvest Moon is a winner for my favorite season!