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  1. girl_android


    A popular holy day beverage in 18th century Ireland: roasted apples mashed into warmed milk and ale, with nutmeg, sugar, ginger, and clove. In vial: not what I was expecting! Minty apple sauce! (warm cooked apples, spices, and sweet mint ... not what I'd normally expect with apple sauce but it could be tasty!) Wet on skin: Juicy apples (cooked), spices ... maybe the minty cool blast thing is actually clove? Dry: More warm and spicy cooked apples, yum! I can pick out some specific spices now - definitely clove, and ginger. Later: more clove and ginger, less apple.
  2. girl_android

    Bite Me

    In vial: Almond, burnt sugar, floral honey? Wet on skin: Almond, caramel (not burnt anymore!), honey, but not necessarily floral anymore Dry: odd! Kind of like a clean floral honey. No idea where the almond has gone, nor any sign of croquembouche! It's actually less foody than I thought it was going to be!
  3. girl_android


    In vial: Caramel and apples! Wet on skin: Apples, with caramel sauce! Dry: More appley, less caramelly. No sign of coconut rum though. Probably lucky about that seeing as I'm at work *grin Later: Still apples, and caramel. Yum. Gets more appley with time. I rather like this, but I don't actually get to wearing super foody things that often. Even though I keep signing up for decants of super foody things.
  4. girl_android


    Finally getting back to testing and reviewing after a long absence! In vial: Caramel chews? I think that's what sugar + cream makes me think .. Wet on skin: Icky, sticky, chewy, gooey caramel ... mmm (: Dry: A hint of clean sheets peeks out behind what now smells more like toasted marshmallow. I'm kind of hoping that in the time that it gets to waft about, it doesn't develop the buttery vanilla thing that goes plastic on me because that's what's stopped a lot of the foody vanilla blends working for me, but that might be from cake type foody things, and not cream-type ones? Later: Hmm... it's kind of going a bit ... toastier, not quite burnt. Not sure where the clean sheets went after all that. Overall I do rather like this - a decant will be enough for me, and I'm quite glad that I've found a delicious foody vanilla-ish scent that doesn't go to plastic!
  5. girl_android


    In the imp: sweet in a honey/sap kind of way, slightly green, resiny. Wet on skin: the green is still there but way back in the mix. The first hit is the sappy sweetness. Dry: The resiny things (storax, myrrh, balsam) round out the sweetness. From a bit of a googling, the embalming herbs might include basil, thyme, chamomile, marjoram, cinnamon. Can't say I can detect all or any of those; I seem to get a slightly soapy green mingling with the resiny sweetness on my skin. I rather like this, perhaps not enough to get my hands on a bottle, but definitely enough that I'll keep the imp about.
  6. girl_android


    In the imp: incense, dark rose. I think it's the combination of amber and musk that is giving me the impression of incense here. Wet on skin: The roses dominate, but there's a hint of something sweeter in the background Dry: a more subdued rose, with a kind of spicy powdery background. I don't know whether I feel I'm an appropriate age to be wearing this - it feels to me to suit a more mature age than I would appear to most people. Having said that I tend to feel older than I look, although that's not difficult considering I still occasionally get checked for ID (: Perhaps, it might be something to wear on a night out where the people contact wouldn't be too crowded - a dinner out, versus a night out at the opera/movies/sit-down concert. I wouldn't say it's necessarily old ladyish, just that I don't feel old enough to do it justice, and I feel like I'd just be playing dress-ups if I were to wear it out.
  7. girl_android


    First review in a very long time. I received this as a frimp when my clocket arrived from BPTP. In the imp: clean musk, light florals. I can't detect anything in the way of spices though. Wet on skin: jasmine but not in an overwhelming way, still with the clean musk, slightly powdery in a fresh kind of way. Dry: clean powder dominates, with florals, and something kind of ... earthy in the background. It's not something I'd necessarily choose to scent myself with, it may be a way to get non BPAL converts used to your standard floral perfumes a gentle introduction ?
  8. girl_android


    In the imp: green tea and lemon verbena. It actually reminds me of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, although I haven't done a side-by-side comparison. Wet on skin: still with the green tea and lemon verbena. Very fresh, non-cloying on a hot summer day. This is the second scent I've tried tonight that has me thinking of summer ... I thought Embalming Fluid would be the go-to lemony summer scent but there's something in that, that feels a bit cloying in high heat... Dry: honeysuckle, with a green tea edge and a teeny bit of lemon verbena. I actually wish there was more of a green tea kick here... it's still something I'd be happier wearing in summery weather though ...
  9. girl_android

    Carnaval Diabolique

    Straight from the twisted alleys of Dis, by way of the City of Angels: opium smoke, lemon flower, heliotrope, tuberose, black musk, vanilla, coconut, apricot flower. In the imp: coconut, lemon floral, a non-plastic, non-buttery vanilla (! perhaps that's the influence of the heliotrope?), something faintly hazy Wet on skin: lemon acid drops, with a slightly powdery (like powdered sugar) floral background. Would the floral background be the lemon flower, tuberose, and the apricot flower? Dry: I think the hazy thing I'm getting is opium smoke, it's kind of sweet... powdery lemon acid drops, and the coconut has come back for a second go. I can imagine wearing this in spring on the way to summer, out in the sunshine, maybe at the beach or by the bay where there's food and craft stands trading into the evening.
  10. girl_android


    Right, now that I have my scents the right way around! In the imp: Even with the list of notes, my nose refuses to think anything other than this is a floral aquatic. Wet on skin: really quite masculine, if I think about it, some of the cues that made me think aquatic, would actually be woodsy and leathery. Dry (really dry now!): sweet leathery wood, I smell something vaguely medicinal in the background (red patchouli?) It's not really me, and it's not something DH would wear, unfortunately. Because on the right person ... mmm...!
  11. girl_android

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    In the imp: sweet, slightly smoky incense Wet on skin: slightly bubblegum/fairyfloss sugary incense. The bubblegum part kind of worries me, but it's gone after a short while. Once dry: the impression of bubblegum goes away, and it's a lovely sweet scent. The flowers in play a very understated role on my skin. I think this may be a bottle-worthy purchase before the carnaval disappears. Still being on training wheels when selecting BPAL, I did peg this as a possible straight-to-bottle purchase, but am glad that I got to try a bit first!
  12. girl_android


    I wasn't sure about how mildewed raincoat could smell at all pleasant, but hey, willing to give something a go here! In the imp: kind of ... milky-oceany. Perhaps this is how the raincoat came into it? Wet on skin: there's some black tea in amongst the ocean, it's rather ... milky-sweet aquatic. Dry: on me, Shadwell has decided to be a sweet milky aquatic with tea, and ... I'm not really one for aquatic anything, ETA - I had my shadwell where my crowley was.
  13. girl_android

    House of Night

    In the imp: smells slightly sweet, green (herbal) but not in a bright way. Something smokey in there also? I think my nose (although fairly new) is out of practice! Wet on skin: kind of damp smouldering green with ... what I imagine deeply sorrowful roses might smell like. If roses could have an emotion rendered in scent. Dry on skin: there's nothing at all sharp about the green smokey roses. I'm surprised I quite like this, actually! Perhaps it's because it's something that would be suited to the winter weather we're having at the moment (southern hemisphere dwelling person that I am). It makes me want to have long black hair tumbling down in waves down my back ... which will take me a few years to get back seeing as I got it all chopped off about 8 weeks ago!
  14. girl_android

    Recs for Diesel Green: Masculine?

    Hi all, I was going to go and buy another replacement bottle of Diesel Green: Masculine for DH, as his third (? I've lost count!) bottle looks like it's going to hit the bottom soon, but basenotes.net is listing Diesel Green: Masculine as discontinued ... I'm figuring, while it's still available-ish (I still see it in the perfume discounter stores online and out in the shops), I may as well try to find a BPAL match ... Notes for Diesel Green: Masculine are: Top notes: fresh aromatic ginger and lime. Middle notes: floral orange blossom, orris, carnation, rose, cinnamon and jasmin. Base notes: cedarwood, musk, amber, sandalwood and vanilla. Now, I've seen other descriptions that include jasmine, sea rose, orchid, ginger, Canadian fir, geranium, OR orange, mandarin, bergamot, cardamon, pimento, star anise, and I can't find the original description on diesel's website... I had a play with searches earlier, and thought maybe Villain (although there's lavender in that...), or Whitechapel may fit the bill, but the whole lavender thing kind of scares me off. I have tried Dorian, which I like on me, but (at least in soap form) I don't think is a good fit for DH. Any help would be greatly appreciated (:
  15. girl_android

    Enraged Bunny Musk

    The logical brained side of me tells me I shouldn't go looking for discontinued LEs, let alone forum-only LEs to covet, right? In the imp, I get kind something kind of lemony, powdery, and clean. Wet on skin, it's much the same, powdery lemony. Once dry, the lemon goes away, my impression of this scent is ... clean. I think this might be better suited for ... not winter, for me.