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Temple of the Horned God

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Obtained: from Alternate Realities


I am wearing this today without necessarily knowing the intent of the oil, but I need some force and clarity of vision so we'll see if it helps.


This is a dark liquid and smells incredibly earthy and herbal. Wet, I smell quite a bit of pine in here, but it doesn't take on an artificial "cleaning product" tone. It is rather like walking through a dark pine forest. I can see this connected to some sort of outdoor ritual. It's musky in a way that makes me think it'd be a good men's scent.


Mmm kinda peppery. After some time this is sharper, muskier, and the pine has taken a backseat. I can't tell if what I am smelling is plant or animal inspired. Something about it though... is a bit seductive and repulsive at the same time.


It gets slightly sour and more animalistic as time passes. Overall interesting, definitely a powerful scent rather than a perfume.

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Yup, this one is potent.


In the vial - whooo, major resins, holy cow!


On me - Hmm. Very interesting. At first, it is really strong - an earthy smell, not like earth/dirt, but earthy. There might be some oakmoss in this one. I also get a lot of resins, and something else green, but I'm not sure what. Interesting. After an hour or so, it calms down and becomes more wearable, but it's still quite strong. I'd be interested to see how this one would smell on a man, but it is definately not the kind of scent my husband would wear.


Not bad though.

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In the bottle

This is a dusky brown liquid. Remarkable throw. It's a masculine scent with lovely musk, a bit sweet and dark green.



Oh this does a great job indeed of reminding me of the "Green Man" or "The Horned God", "Pan" or any of his various incarnations. It's woody and dark green. There's a bt of a leathery smell from civet I think. The patchouli is earthy, and the subtley sweet note and the musk is attractive. Is this Ambergris that I'm smelling perhaps or a synthetic ambergris? I'm not very familiar Ambergris but I think there might be some in here. It's nice whatever it is.


30 minutes

It turns more civet-like on the dry down.

I even smell a bit of mint! Yes, it's either mint or pennyroyal. Very nice.

It's a changling blend! But not in that whiplash way like Harvest Moon does for me. Not in an unfavorable way.

I love those type of blends that totally encapuslate what they're named after even to the point of changing midstream into a completely different scent, introducing different aspects of it's persona as it goes; such as Hermes, Chesire Cat, Salamander or this one. These blends don't smell alike but just that ability to shift as the energy they're named after. I was worried about the upcoming scent of civet but it draws back and up a bit to an actual agreeable amount...then comes this mint from out of nowhere like a breeze. Now I detect a bit of pine in the background.




more than average


Scent category:




I'm guessing Patchouli, Civet, Musk, Herbs, Wood, Mint, Pine, and whatever the lovely mild sweet musky scent is.

I wouldn't or couldn't wear this to a conservative board meeting at a stiff office setting I don't think but Temple of the Horned God as a whole is something I would wear. It's a quite extraordinary blend that is masculine but playful, sensual and a bit mischevious just like one would think "the protector of the wildwood" would be. :P


Purchase again?

Yes. I can't believe I like something with civet in it. This lively blend has made quite the impression on me. This does great things as an earth blend and can be used in ritual work to that end too quite well I think. It's a marvelous way to celebrate an archetype of male virility and sexuality.


1-5 rating (5 being best)


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At first sniff this rang a bell in my memory - it reminds me a bit of Black Forest. Which isn't a surprise because this smells piney and earthy and dark green. But beyond the earth/woods evocation, there's a scent of old magic, lust and masculine power - and to me there's a protectiveness there too, particularly of animals and nature: the Horned God as Lord of the Beasts. This is the perfect scent for a Cernunnos or Pan ritual. I actually would wear this as perfume just to feel connected to him throughout the day (albeit lightly) because the rush this oil gives me is inspiring and wild.

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I associate well with many masculine-energy, earth based deities (The Horned God in particular) and I felt especially drawn to this oil so I purchased a 5ml immediately after the TAL website went up.


When first applied, this is dry, crumbling resins and thick herbal muskiness with a small, pleasant tinge of pine that actually smells like pine (and not a fake pine smell). As the blend dries, civet comes out and its almost unwearable at first but mellows within a short amount of time to a tolerable amount. My skin chemistry usually can't stand civet so this is really saying something that I actually enjoy this. The resins become background notes very quickly (and unfortunately, as I love resins) as does the pine, and the oil's end result is a lightly sweet, masculine forest-musk scent that seems to become very warm in feel where the oil is applied on my arm.


This is a blend that firmly personifies the attributes its supposed to and I feel quite comftable with wearing it overall. I can definately see myself anointing this from time to time for focus work on the fascinating nature of this oil, but this blend would no doubt be great for meditation or ritual work as well.


At first glance, Temple of the Horned God did seem similiar to the TAL Lord of the Forest in overall usage intent/personified energy of the blend (or did, anyway, before I purchased either, and was debating which was the most suitable of the two for me personally), but they are noticably enough different in scent design despite both oils definately being of the more animalistic variety. Lord of the Forest does have a lighter civet aspect than Temple of the Horned God, so those who loathe or are wary of civet (but still want to try one of the two blends) should take note. Lord of the Forest is a lighter scent in feel, leveled by resins and a sweetened musk overtone, while Temple of the Horned God is heavier, using raw musks as a base and relying more on herbs and dark green things.



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I am a Pan-o-phile so this was the perfect Temple blend for me. My intent was to bless my Pan house and statue and annoint objects, and it works WONDERFULLY! Pan seems to love this scent and is very pleased, I think.


The smell is very masculine and deep and dark, damp woods. It lasts a long while on objects, too. I got transported to a clearing in a wooded area with a large stone in the center-ish. I can smell the earth and the trees and pine and incense/resin and dark green, maybe a small clear stream nearby. It's very beautiful and brings strong images to mind.


I did a Beltane ritual before the actual day due to vacation and inability to properly celebrate that day. I annointed the Pan house and the Pan statue for sacred space for him to inhabit and I think he has thoroughly made it his home and invited me into the space (the clearing with the stone) as a thank you. It was amazing how quickly I felt his prescence. I also anointed a necklace I had made from a ring that my SO bought me as a token of his love with a drop of TotHG to bring in passion and lust and holy shit did it work well! There was plenty of outdoors amour that night... and all through the next.


Overall, this scent is one that I will cherish for a long time. Since I only have an imp now, I may be looking for a partial bottle or buy a full one for spray use (for meditation) and anointing and burning and everything else I can use it for relating to ritual.


Smell: 4/5; pine doesn't love me, but I can overlook that

Usage: 5/5; the MOST effective blend I've ever used

Imagery: 5/5; overtook me immediately

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This will be a purely scent-based review, as I haven't been using the temple blends for any real purpose.


Temple of the Horned God is mainly pine and dark musky notes on me. Perhaps also some very dark, earthy patchouli in the mix as well. As a scent, it's a little too dark and too musky for me to actually wear it. It's a nicely evocative forest blend though. Definitely geared as a more masculine scent, though not something I'd really want my boy to smell like either.

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I mostly put the temple blends in scent diffusers for meditation or to help induce dreams. So I did the same with the Horned God, being drawn mostly to the guardian of the forest aspects of this temple blend.


First few minutes: Pure raw civet! It was so strong that I wondered why I'd chosen to put in the diffuser. Even the dogs were sniffing around curiously.


But after a bit, the civet settled down, and what I got was an earthy, foresty scent. I imagine damp earth, the strong notes of fir trees, and something slightly sweet.


It is like Lord of the Forest--quite a bit. But it also softens into something different, something more evergreen and foresty.


I like it, but am not sure I'll even use up the partial bottle I have. It's not a temple favorite of mine (like Temple of the Trickster or Temple of the Maiden), nor do I often have the need to do rituals involving the Horned God, so....

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I received Temple: The Horned God from Court. Thanks, Court!


I immediately tried this on, as the aroma lured and called to me. This has to be one of the most wonderful scents ever (to me). Soothing, earthy, just a tad of eucalyptus, grounding. It really pumped me up.


Wore Hunter's Moon to work, took The Horned God with me, to help enable TearsofAmbrosia (cuz that's what I do best!) After sniffing with her, I put some on. Let me preface the rest by saying work has been very strange this past week; a lot to do, but the work coming through very slowly. Managers delegating work inappropiately. No one wants to take responsibility and coworkers being tossed casually under the proverbial bus. As soon as I put on this oil, amazing things started to happen. I became very manic, high, high, high. I felt assertive, almost aggressive, but not in a mean way. I was really pumped, but I felt as if i were chasing my tail, running in circles, but enjoying it. After going home, I could not unwind. Disorganized, but full of energy. Sexual thoughts scattering in my brain. Could not go to sleep. I forgot to ground. I tried Temple of Deams to go to sleep; I just tossed and turned.


IMO, this is a very potent oil. Use with caution. Make sure you ground and/or create a circle. If you are into Sex Magick, I feel this would enhance your ritual. Very effective. The Horned God and myself will be having a Beltane ritual, welcoming him into my life and thanking him for his gifts.

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