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Snake Charmer

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Sensual, sibilant, sexual and hypnotic: Arabian musk and exotic spices slinking through Egyptian amber, enticing vanilla, and a serpentine blend of black plum, labdanum, ambrette, benzoin and black coconut.


Reviewing the Resurrected version. 


In the bottle: Musks and spices. A hint of leather. But it's not sharp, so there must be something sweetening it (this is usually how I perceive vanilla in a blend with multiple notes). 


On my skin:


Immediately, it's delicious, sumptuous, and slinky. For a moment, I have no desire to even pick out the notes. 


Once this phase subsides, the first discernable note is a lovely soft leather. (I think labdanum, maybe?). The Lab's usual leather note is almost always too harsh on me, so this is a lovely surprise. Shortly after, it's warmed and sweetened by the coconut and vanilla. Following that, spices -- evocative of the spice in Scherezade and Morocco -- become detectable. 


It settles on something sweeter and slinkier than Snake Oil -- while still being reminiscent of Snake Oil -- and still having a lovely soft leather grounding note. 


On me, throw and wear length are just shy of moderate. 

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