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  1. Msquoted

    Snake Charmer

    Res Version Well well well, this one here is really something special. I get absolutely zero of the plum. But instead get a more coconutty and slightly warmer Snake Oil. The opiod twang that usually accompanies (for the briefest of times) regular Snake Oil (even that of a timely age) is completely absent here. I don’t get the same amp on this as I do from reg S.O, but it’s still one I need at least one backup of. Sublime. If S.O is a little too bold for you, S.C might fit your needs.
  2. Msquoted

    2015: Lace Phoenix

    Managed to get my hands on a cheeky bottle of this from EBay. My god it’s gorgeous - this invokes images of Misty Rae (AHS - Coven). It’s not too heavy an incense to be somber nor too sweet to be twee. But balances somewhere in between grunge, mysterious and sexy. For any fellow wax lovers this smells very very similar to Glampervan from Candlewick Greens. Which makes me a very happy lady - as that is also one of my faves. Beautiful and so glad I blind bought a 5ml.
  3. Msquoted


    Violets, that’s it. Beautiful soft and powdered violets. Strong and in your face but yet still delicate enough. On me this doesn’t amp anything but violet and possibly a tiny touch of lilacs to hold them up. This again makes me think of hotter climates than my native England. In that hour the sun has just set, surrounded by heavy blooms and heat. Absolutely gorgeous and for any violet loves this is spectacular. It’s not the usual candied or boozy violet but it really is very special.
  4. Msquoted

    Snake Oil

    Snake oil, how do I love thee; let me count the ways. Ok so as a relative newby to the BPAL world, I most definitely do not like fresh snake oil. To me I smell almost opium and backstreet abortionist vibes from that one 🤣 but then I managed to get my grubby mitts on some ‘16 Snake oil and my sweet baby Jesus it’s marvellous, still somewhat opium but it settles down much quicker. But then I got some ‘10 snek and crikey it’s dangerous. I still get the almost opium for the first maybe 5 minutes, then it settles into the most complex and beautiful spiced vanilla. It conjures images of hot lusty evenings in warm sand swept climates. I feel this is the type of scent that could be slathered in a mannequin and still carry that ‘skin’ quality to it. The vanilla isn’t foody in any way and neither are the spices recognisable - this really is a scent that pulls people in for a sniff and a question. I definitely still get the opium in those early moments BUT I feel that’s my chemistry as I’ve done it with a number of scents over the years (and I’ve been told this previously - despite never having smelt actual opium before haha). For anyone that’s struggling with what to order, this is genuinely a great place to start. Welcome to the obsession you never knew you needed.