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BPAL Madness!

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This year we'll be donating to Athlete Ally, a wonderful org striving to help improve LGBTQI+ inclusivity in sports and athletics programs for all ages. They provide resources and curricula for students, teachers, coaches, and teams. https://www.athleteally.org/


The prize historically awarded to victors in the ancient Olympic games:
an anointed circlet of leafy branches cut from the sacred wild-olive tree near the temple of Zeus.

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I ordered this to support the cause, but I do love me a nice briney olive. This is actually quite pretty. It's noticeably olive-y but without the tartness. It's bright and refreshing and warm green, way more of the leaf than of the branch. With a little bit of time on the skin, it picks up a salty undertone that verges on aquatic - bracingly Aegean. I'd classify this as slightly masculine-leaning.

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