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BPAL Madness!

Autumn Fougere

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In the bottle this is VERY interesting the notes are really hard to parse out as everything is happening all at once and the notes are less distinct from each other as you'd might expect. I think at first I'm getting a fougere cologne but there's also something slightly sweet about it thats not from the cologne, maybe the sweet leaves and then it ends in a dry campfireness not like a burning fire but like one that has just stopped burning. Somewhere there is also a faint moment of leather and moss but like only for a second. I'm not getting LEATHER which is great because I was worried about it. Fresh in the hair this doesn't get any less mysterious. This what I'd imagine an 18 central vampire would smell like as he sneaks up on you right as the last flame turns to burning coal in the bonfire. You can smell his expensive cologne, fine leather trimmings on his clothes and the freshly fallen leaves under his feet. Not yet marred in scent by the sins he's about to commit. After complete dry down it mostly becomes fougere cologne. Overall big cool androgynous spooky energy. 

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Do you like dirt? Do you like leaves? Do you like these two things together? That's this. Imagine you just had sex with a very sophisticated goth older man (possibly a vampire, to second FloridaFledgling) in a very old crypt full of leaves and dust mites swirling through autumn air. There is no sweetness in this mix and the leaves actually lean a little greener than I originally thought they would. It's been a total standout in my weenie order so far. 

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