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  1. Ooooo I love this thread! Of all the things I’ve sampled with marshmallow in it, I’ve noticed a huge similarity. Stekkjarstaur, vanilla bean marsh & benzoin, rope pulley, fudge marshmallow from this year’s lupers. They all seem to have the same marshmallow base. I also weirdly detect that marshmallow scent in some non- marshmallow scents?
  2. Weirdgirlpilled


    I am so confused. my skin completely eats this?? I have to press my face right up next to the swatch and even still i smell barely anything? It has a weird undertone that was also in Black Ice 2013 but it has no other scent to it. weird edit: myrrh decides it would poke only ITS head out so thats what i smell of now. just myrrh.
  3. Weirdgirlpilled

    Rope Pulley

    I was gifted a very generous and lovely decant, and Fell. In. LOVE! I am a huge foody, but oh my god everything about this is incredible. Strawberry, powdery marshmallow, and the cream doesn’t go all chees-y or sour on me, it just settles into the background. This is such a sweet, lighthearted scent that I am grateful to have found a fullsize of!
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    Ok to preface: my bottle is 15 years aged. I had to let it rest a bit because the initial whiff was play-doh-y, and it was play-doh-y on my skin too. But trying it a week rested- oh my god. This scent is multi-orgasmic for me. I knew I loved most snake oil blends but the 2008 iteration?? Jesus. It’s like the coziest, warmest, sexiest hot chocolate scent ever. Take hot chocolate and add super aged, slinky, spicy snake oil, and combine them. The throw on me is huge and so is the longevity! My mom, who normally never comments on my ‘fumes unless she HATES or LOVES them sniffed me and said “oh WOW! That’s so pretty” So I think this ones a winner. I’ll covet it forever.
  5. Weirdgirlpilled


    Ok I actually love this one. Didn’t realise I hadn’t reviewed it!! It’s so amazing, the musk plays so well with my skin, and I love red musk notes. This is a true, real warm earth and musk scent. I get no juniper berry but the longer it wears It does get sweeter- which I have no problem with but I love the initial scent.
  6. Weirdgirlpilled

    Lucy's Kiss

    On me this is funeral rose. Somber, mourning, silent widow rose. It's apropos for how I'm feeling atm. I usually don't super love rose and this does lean a little soapy and dry, but that's nice. It stirs sad, wistful feelings. I like it, but not enough to acquire a full bottle right now.
  7. Weirdgirlpilled

    God's Own Country

    Weird weird weird. I smell like blood and… spit? definitely smell dirt too. I feel like a debauched vampire who just had sex on some dirt and am now…. sniffing the back if a computer?? this one is so fucking ODD. i love it
  8. Weirdgirlpilled

    Stainless Steel Dildo

    this one is addictive. I’m actually considering tracking down a full size of it and i RARELY do that with anything nebulously floral. it’s just so goddamned WEIRD i love it. It really does have the smell and “experience” of metal? if that makes sense? and the aldehydes make it lean very perfumey- a quality I usually an not a fan of in my ‘fumes. but this one smells like you’re cracking open a floral lacroix next to a bunch of very sparkly machinery. i kept sniffing myself when i tried it yesterday.
  9. Weirdgirlpilled

    Eat Me

    Cakey, foody goodness. It’s so sweet and light, Currently sobbing that I didn’t snag a fullsize bottle.
  10. Weirdgirlpilled


    When slathered, I like this. It's almost like a creamsicle? It's very heavily orange blossom on me. It stays kind of floral and orangey for like five minutes until it just DISAPPEARS! it goes away so quickly
  11. Weirdgirlpilled


    Man I love this one. Total sexy boysmellz. I want to slather myself and My Boy in it. This definitely needs to be an upgraded bottle. Woods usually aren't my thing (barring rosewood, that's actually one of my favorite scent notes) but they're not overpowering. The incense peeks it's head out from under the initial rosewood punch, and the tonka is definitely joining the party at this point too. I smell the parchment about 30 minutes in, and it almost gives it a weirdly (welcome) creamy touch? It smells so expensive and delicious- like I've plopped onto a chair in an older english gentleman's library and he's now seducing me by explaining 18th century poetry or something. Fantastic.
  12. Weirdgirlpilled


    I think I probably hate oakmoss. This smells weird and powdery and ICK on me :c my mom fucking loves it, but I think it smells like weird sweet babywipes. Maybe I don't hate white floral, I just hate oakmoss!
  13. Weirdgirlpilled


    laughing REALLY hard at @Lecter ‘s review bc yeah. Why the fuck does this smell like pee! I’m guessing it’s the opium, but man. I do NOT want !
  14. Weirdgirlpilled

    Green Lovebird

    Yeah, this is the sweet minty goodness i was looking for! Its a light scent but it’s got a good throw and long wear (on my skin) I’m really in love.
  15. Weirdgirlpilled

    Dad! Let Me Do Your Make Up

    Straight out of the mail, so Will update when it's been well rested: This one is. Interesting? It comes on VERY strong. I used a TEEENY drop of it, and it was just overwhelming everything. In it's initial stage it reminds me SO terribly much of delina exclusif, by perfumes de marly (a nearly FOUR HUNDRED dollar perfume) and when I compare the notes, it makes a lot of sense. marshmallow, tea, lots of people getting bergamot. I wish I got more marshmallow and cream from it, but I actually love the earl grey note in this. When It dries it's no longer overly expensive godawful commercial perfume, it's a lot more subdued and the earl grey stops screaming at you. At this stage, the marshmallow and cream do emerge a little more. My final verdict is that I adore it, and I do agree with @zankoku_zen this perfume is definitely pure love as a scent. EDIT: Man man man MAN i’m so happy no one snagged this from me when i had it up for sale! The bergamot settles down with rest, and it reveals a really fresh bright tea note, rounded out by truly toasted marshmallow. Oh my god, I put this on and just could not stop sniffing myself. This one is so perfect
  16. Weirdgirlpilled

    Dried Cherry Incense and Spun Sugar

    Straight from the mail, So will update after a couple day's rest. Wet- Holy shit, that's COUGH SYRUP! On skin- Ok, now it' a gorgeous tart cherry. No sugar, just bright, underripe dark red-cherry. Dry- Whoa. This is not a lit stick of incense. The cherry is still very much there, it's not at all hindered by the incense. Verdict: Gorgeous, but not really for me.
  17. Weirdgirlpilled

    Fudge Marshmallow

    Exactly what I wanted! So much so that now I'm craving brownies covered in marshmallow fluff. That's exactly what this is, a fudgy brownie covered in marshmallow fluff.
  18. Weirdgirlpilled

    New to fragrances

    Hi!! Snake oil is, obviously one of the most "darkly feminine" things one can get. It's got patchouli and vanilla and all those lovely sexy spices. No fruit, no rose. I also think Lick It, valentine might be your jam. It has honey and red wine. Lady macbeth is also lovely but it DOES have a little bit of currant. Bastet is also gorgeous, just amber and red musk. lust is gorgeous, as is "the cat" some of these are limited edition, meaning you won't be able to get imps of them, but some people surely offer decants for much cheaper. I would say your safest bet is probably Snake oil, however!
  19. Weirdgirlpilled

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    Unpopular opinion: I like this MOAR that stekk!! It’s so good. oh my god, i’ve found my marshmallow holy grail. It’s definitely a sexy marshmallow, a little lighter than schrodingers checkmark, and the throw is a little lighter too, but otherwise as long lasting and amazing. I love.
  20. Weirdgirlpilled

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    sticky, chewy, delicious patch. my god, it’s glorious. It’s deep and mellow, with that classic smooth bpal feeling. marshmallow lingers somewhere in the background, rounding out the patchouli a bit with some warm sweetness. This is one of the sexiest scents i’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. I’m hoping to get a bit more marshmallow as it has time to sit, but goddamn! I am so pleased. Edit: This has incredible throw and wear so far. it’s been about an hour or so and ohhhhh my god. oh my god. the patchouli fades just ever so slightly and the marshmallow takes the reigns. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT. If i didn’t already have like, 4 other marshmallow scents in the mail….. I’d be buying like 9 backups. I predict this’ll be on ISO’s in years to come. edit 2: Just realised why this scent is so damn nostalgic for me. It’s like sitting on the floor with my friends as a teenager while we tear through a whole jar of marshmallow fluff while high off our asses. that’s this scent.
  21. Weirdgirlpilled


    WOOF I need a full bottle. Or maybe 7! I am in LOVE. I'm in so much pain and I never would think that I could still "Get It Up" So to say, but damn. DAMN. NEED. IMMEDIATELY. Oh my god this is the perfect sexy, loud, lovely scent on me. Dark Patch, dark musk, literally everything I love most.
  22. Weirdgirlpilled

    Love Me

    This smelled like tater tots to me?? At first it was a blast of tater tots, and then it became a delicious orange and cola combo- kind of effervescent! I love it lots.
  23. Weirdgirlpilled


    ok this one is lovely!! Yummy rose and a little bit of spice. The carnations do peek their head through a little bit, and this is definitely a girly scent. A little childish and playful, but not in an overly young way. Like the scent a teen girl puts on before she goes on her first date.
  24. Weirdgirlpilled

    Nutella-y fragrances?

    This may be super strange to ask for, but are there any scents that smell nutella-y? I bought fudge marshmallow and I'm hoping it might be close but I love the smell of nutella, so I was hoping bpal has other scents similar to it. Thank you guys!!
  25. Weirdgirlpilled

    Nutella-y fragrances?

    Oh my goodness doomsday_disco you absolute angel, you!! Those all sound absolutely lovely. Ordering torta setteveli asap. Thank you!!